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  • English Word Abiogenist Definition One who believes that life can be produced independently of antecedent.
  • English Word Abiogenous Definition Produced by spontaneous generation.
  • English Word Abiogeny Definition Same as Abiogenesis.
  • English Word Abiological Definition Pertaining to the study of inanimate things.
  • English Word Abirritant Definition A medicine that diminishes irritation.
  • English Word Abirritate Definition To diminish the sensibility of; to debilitate.
  • English Word Abirritation Definition A pathological condition opposite to that of irritation; debility; want of strength; asthenia.
  • English Word Abirritative Definition Characterized by abirritation or debility.
  • English Word Abit Definition 3d sing. pres. of Abide.
  • English Word Abject Definition Cast down; low-lying.
  • English Word Abject Definition Sunk to a law condition; down in spirit or hope; degraded; servile; groveling; despicable; as, abject posture, fortune, thoughts.
  • English Word Abject Definition To cast off or down; hence, to abase; to degrade; to lower; to debase.
  • English Word Abject Definition A person in the lowest and most despicable condition; a castaway.
  • English Word Abjectedness Definition A very abject or low condition; abjectness.
  • English Word Abjection Definition The act of bringing down or humbling.
  • English Word Abjection Definition The state of being rejected or cast out.
  • English Word Abjection Definition A low or downcast state; meanness of spirit; abasement; degradation.
  • English Word Abjectly Definition Meanly; servilely.
  • English Word Abjectness Definition The state of being abject; abasement; meanness; servility.
  • English Word Abjudge Definition To take away by judicial decision.
  • English Word Abjudicate Definition To reject by judicial sentence; also, to abjudge.
  • English Word Abjudication Definition Rejection by judicial sentence.
  • English Word Abjugate Definition To unyoke.
  • English Word Abjunctive Definition Exceptional.
  • English Word Abjuration Definition The act of abjuring or forswearing; a renunciation upon oath; as, abjuration of the realm, a sworn banishment, an oath taken to leave the country and never to return.
  • English Word Abjuration Definition A solemn recantation or renunciation; as, an abjuration of heresy.
  • English Word Abjuratory Definition Containing abjuration.
  • English Word Abjure Definition To renounce upon oath; to forswear; to disavow; as, to abjure allegiance to a prince. To abjure the realm, is to swear to abandon it forever.
  • English Word Abjure Definition To renounce or reject with solemnity; to recant; to abandon forever; to reject; repudiate; as, to abjure errors.
  • English Word Abjure Definition To renounce on oath.