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  • English Word Yellow-covered Definition Covered or bound in yellow paper.
  • English Word Yellow-eyed Definition Having yellow eyes.
  • English Word Yellow-golds Definition A certain plant, probably the yellow oxeye.
  • English Word Yellowammer Definition See Yellow-hammer.
  • English Word Yellowbill Definition The American scoter.
  • English Word Yellowbird Definition The American goldfinch, or thistle bird. See Goldfinch.
  • English Word Yellowbird Definition The common yellow warbler; -- called also summer yellowbird. See Illust. of Yellow warbler, under Yellow, a.
  • English Word Yellowed Definition of Yellow
  • English Word Yellowfin Definition A large squeteague.
  • English Word Yellowfish Definition A rock trout (Pleurogrammus monopterygius) found on the coast of Alaska; -- called also striped fish, and Atka mackerel.
  • English Word Yellowhammer Definition A common European finch (Emberiza citrinella). The color of the male is bright yellow on the breast, neck, and sides of the head, with the back yellow and brown, and the top of the head and the tail quills blackish. Called also yellow bunting, scribbling lark, and writing lark.
  • English Word Yellowhammer Definition The flicker.
  • English Word Yellowing Definition of Yellow
  • English Word Yellowing Definition The act or process of making yellow.
  • English Word Yellowish Definition Somewhat yellow; as, amber is of a yellowish color.
  • English Word Yellowlegs Definition Any one of several species of long-legged sandpipers of the genus Totanus, in which the legs are bright yellow; -- called also stone snipe, tattler, telltale, yellowshanks; and yellowshins. See Tattler, 2.
  • English Word Yellowness Definition The quality or state of being yellow; as, the yellowness of an orange.
  • English Word Yellowness Definition Jealousy.
  • English Word Yellowroot Definition Any one of several plants with yellow roots.
  • English Word Yellowroot Definition See Xanthorhiza.
  • English Word Yellowroot Definition Same as Orangeroot.
  • English Word Yellows Definition A disease of plants, esp. of peach trees, in which the leaves turn to a yellowish color; jeterus.
  • English Word Yellows Definition A group of butterflies in which the predominating color is yellow. It includes the common small yellow butterflies. Called also redhorns, and sulphurs. See Sulphur.
  • English Word Yellows Definition A disease of the bile in horses, cattle, and sheep, causing yellowness of the eyes; jaundice.
  • English Word Yellowseed Definition A kind of pepper grass (Lepidium campestre).
  • English Word Yellowshanks Definition Alt. of Yellowshins
  • English Word Yellowshins Definition See Yellolegs.
  • English Word Yellowtail Definition The sailor's choice (Diplodus rhomboides).
  • English Word Yellowtail Definition A California rockfish (Sebastodes flavidus).
  • English Word Yellowtail Definition The runner, 12.