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  • English Word Yourselves Definition of Yourself
  • English Word Youth Definition of Youth
  • English Word Youth Definition The quality or state of being young; youthfulness; juvenility.
  • English Word Youth Definition The part of life that succeeds to childhood; the period of existence preceding maturity or age; the whole early part of life, from childhood, or, sometimes, from infancy, to manhood.
  • English Word Youth Definition A young person; especially, a young man.
  • English Word Youth Definition Young persons, collectively.
  • English Word Youthful Definition Not yet mature or aged; young.
  • English Word Youthful Definition Also used figuratively.
  • English Word Youthful Definition Of or pertaining to the early part of life; suitable to early life; as, youthful days; youthful sports.
  • English Word Youthful Definition Fresh; vigorous, as in youth.
  • English Word Youthhood Definition The quality or state of being a youth; the period of youth.
  • English Word Youthly Definition Young; youthful.
  • English Word Youths Definition of Youth
  • English Word Youthsome Definition Youthful.
  • English Word Youthy Definition Young.
  • English Word Youze Definition The cheetah.
  • English Word Yow Definition You.
  • English Word Yowe Definition A ewe.
  • English Word Yowl Definition To utter a loud, long, and mournful cry, as a dog; to howl; to yell.
  • English Word Yowl Definition A loud, protracted, and mournful cry, as that of a dog; a howl.
  • English Word Yowley Definition The European yellow-hammer.
  • English Word Yox Definition See Yex.
  • English Word Ypight Definition See Pight.
  • English Word Ypocras Definition Hippocras.
  • English Word Ypres lace Definition Fine bobbin lace made at Ypres in Belgium, usually exactly like Valenciennes lace.
  • English Word Ypsiliform Definition Resembling the / in appearance; -- said of the germinal spot in the ripe egg at one of the stages of fecundation.
  • English Word Ypsiloid Definition In the form of the letter Y; Y-shaped.
  • English Word Yraft Definition Bereft.
  • English Word Yren Definition Iron.
  • English Word Yronne Definition Run.