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  • English Word Yearn Definition To be filled with longing desire; to be harassed or rendered uneasy with longing, or feeling the want of a thing; to strain with emotions of affection or tenderness; to long; to be eager.
  • English Word Yearned Definition of Yearn
  • English Word Yearnful Definition Desirous.
  • English Word Yearning Definition of Yearn
  • English Word Yearningly Definition With yearning.
  • English Word Yearnings Definition The maws, or stomachs, of young calves, used as a rennet for curdling milk.
  • English Word Yearth Definition The earth.
  • English Word Yeast Definition The foam, or troth (top yeast), or the sediment (bottom yeast), of beer or other in fermentation, which contains the yeast plant or its spores, and under certain conditions produces fermentation in saccharine or farinaceous substances; a preparation used for raising dough for bread or cakes, and making it light and puffy; barm; ferment.
  • English Word Yeast Definition Spume, or foam, of water.
  • English Word Yeast Definition A form of fungus which grows as indvidual rounded cells, rather than in a mycelium, and reproduces by budding; esp. members of the orders Endomycetales and Moniliales. Some fungi may grow both as a yeast or as a mycelium, depending on the conditions of growth.
  • English Word Yeast-bitten Definition A term used of beer when the froth of the yeast has reentered the body of the beer.
  • English Word Yeastiness Definition The quality or state of being yeasty, or frothy.
  • English Word Yeasty Definition Frothy; foamy; spumy, like yeast.
  • English Word Yedding Definition The song of a minstrel; hence, any song.
  • English Word Yede Definition Went. See Yode.
  • English Word Yeel Definition An eel.
  • English Word Yeldhall Definition Guildhall.
  • English Word Yeldrin Definition Alt. of Yeldrine
  • English Word Yeldrine Definition The yellow-hammer; -- called also yeldrock, and yoldrin.
  • English Word Yelk Definition Same as Yolk.
  • English Word Yell Definition To cry out, or shriek, with a hideous noise; to cry or scream as with agony or horror.
  • English Word Yell Definition To utter or declare with a yell; to proclaim in a loud tone.
  • English Word Yell Definition A sharp, loud, hideous outcry.
  • English Word Yelled Definition of Yell
  • English Word Yelling Definition of Yell
  • English Word Yellow Definition A bright golden color, reflecting more light than any other except white; the color of that part of the spectrum which is between the orange and green.
  • English Word Yellow Definition To become yellow or yellower.
  • English Word Yellow Definition To make yellow; to cause to have a yellow tinge or color; to dye yellow.
  • English Word Yellow Definition Being of a bright saffronlike color; of the color of gold or brass; having the hue of that part of the rainbow, or of the solar spectrum, which is between the orange and the green.
  • English Word Yellow Definition A yellow pigment.