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  • English Word Xylamide Definition An acid amide derivative of xylic acid, obtained as a white crystalline substance.
  • English Word Xylanthrax Definition Wood coal, or charcoal; -- so called in distinction from mineral coal.
  • English Word Xylate Definition A salt of xylic acid.
  • English Word Xylem Definition That portion of a fibrovascular bundle which has developed, or will develop, into wood cells; -- distinguished from phloem.
  • English Word Xylene Definition Any of a group of three metameric hydrocarbons of the aromatic series, found in coal and wood tar, and so named because found in crude wood spirit. They are colorless, oily, inflammable liquids, C6H4.(CH3)2, being dimethyl benzenes, and are called respectively orthoxylene, metaxylene, and paraxylene. Called also xylol.
  • English Word Xylenol Definition Any one of six metameric phenol derivatives of xylene, obtained as crystalline substances, (CH3)2.C6H3.OH.
  • English Word Xyletic Definition Pertaining to, or designating, a complex acid related to mesitylenic acid, obtained as a white crystalline substance by the action of sodium and carbon dioxide on crude xylenol.
  • English Word Xylic Definition Pertaining to, derived from, or related to, xylene; specifically, designating any one of several metameric acids produced by the partial oxidation of mesitylene and pseudo-cumene.
  • English Word Xylidic Definition Pertaining to, or designating, either one of two distinct acids which are derived from xylic acid and related compounds, and are metameric with uvitic acid.
  • English Word Xylidine Definition Any one of six metameric hydrocarbons, (CH3)2.C6H3.NH2, resembling aniline, and related to xylene. They are liquids, or easily fusible crystalline substances, of which three are derived from metaxylene, two from orthoxylene, and one from paraxylene. They are called the amido xylenes.
  • English Word Xylindein Definition A green or blue pigment produced by Peziza in certain kinds of decayed wood, as the beech, oak, birch, etc., and extracted as an amorphous powder resembling indigo.
  • English Word Xylite Definition A liquid hydrocarbon found in crude wood spirits.
  • English Word Xylitone Definition A yellow oil having a geraniumlike odor, produced as a side product in making phorone; -- called also xylite oil.
  • English Word Xylo- Definition A combining form from Gr. xy`lon wood; as in xylogen, xylograph.
  • English Word Xylobalsamum Definition The dried twigs of a Syrian tree (Balsamodendron Gileadense).
  • English Word Xylocarpous Definition Bearing fruit which becomes hard or woody.
  • English Word Xylocopa Definition A genus of hymenopterous insects including the carpenter. See Carpenter bee, under Carpenter.
  • English Word Xylogen Definition Nascent wood; wood cells in a forming state.
  • English Word Xylogen Definition Lignin.
  • English Word Xylograph Definition An engraving on wood, or the impression from such an engraving; a print by xylography.
  • English Word Xylographer Definition One who practices xylography.
  • English Word Xylographic Definition Alt. of Xylographical
  • English Word Xylographical Definition Of or pertaining to xylography, or wood engraving.
  • English Word Xylography Definition The art of engraving on wood.
  • English Word Xylography Definition The art of making prints from the natural grain of wood.
  • English Word Xylography Definition A method pf printing in colors upon wood for purposes of house decoration.
  • English Word Xyloid Definition Resembling wood; having the nature of wood.
  • English Word Xyloidin Definition A substance resembling pyroxylin, obtained by the action of nitric acid on starch; -- called also nitramidin.
  • English Word Xylol Definition Same as Xylene.
  • English Word Xylonite Definition See Zylonite.