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  • English Word Xanthoprotein Definition A yellow acid substance formed by the action of hot nitric acid on albuminous or proteid matter. It is changed to a deep orange-yellow color by the addition of ammonia.
  • English Word Xanthopuccine Definition One of three alkaloids found in the root of the yellow puccoon (Hydrastis Canadensis). It is a yellow crystalline substance, and resembles berberine.
  • English Word Xanthorhamnin Definition A glucoside extracted from Persian berries as a yellow crystalline powder, used as a dyestuff.
  • English Word Xanthorhiza Definition A genus of shrubby ranunculaceous plants of North America, including only the species Xanthorhiza apiifolia, which has roots of a deep yellow color; yellowroot. The bark is intensely bitter, and is sometimes used as a tonic.
  • English Word Xanthorhoea Definition A genus of endogenous plants, native to Australia, having a thick, sometimes arborescent, stem, and long grasslike leaves. See Grass tree.
  • English Word Xanthose Definition An orange-yellow substance found in pigment spots of certain crabs.
  • English Word Xanthosis Definition The yellow discoloration often observed in cancerous tumors.
  • English Word Xanthospermous Definition Having yellow seeds.
  • English Word Xanthous Definition Yellow; specifically (Ethnol.), of or pertaining to those races of man which have yellowish, red, auburn, or brown hair.
  • English Word Xanthoxylene Definition A liquid hydrocarbon of the terpene series extracted from the seeds of a Japanese prickly ash (Xanthoxylum pipertium) as an aromatic oil.
  • English Word Xanthoxylum Definition A genus of prickly shrubs or small trees, the bark and rots of which are of a deep yellow color; prickly ash.
  • English Word Xebec Definition A small three-masted vessel, with projecting bow stern and convex decks, used in the Mediterranean for transporting merchandise, etc. It carries large square sails, or both. Xebecs were formerly armed and used by corsairs.
  • English Word Xeme Definition An Arctic fork-tailed gull (Xema Sabinii).
  • English Word Xenelasia Definition A Spartan institution which prohibited strangers from residing in Sparta without permission, its object probably being to preserve the national simplicity of manners.
  • English Word Xenia Definition of Xenium
  • English Word Xenium Definition A present given to a guest or stranger, or to a foreign ambassador.
  • English Word Xenodochium Definition A house for the reception of strangers.
  • English Word Xenodochium Definition In the Middle Ages, a room in a monastery for the reception and entertainment of strangers and pilgrims, and for the relief of paupers. [Called also Xenodocheion.]
  • English Word Xenodochy Definition Reception of strangers; hospitality.
  • English Word Xenogamy Definition Cross fertilization.
  • English Word Xenogenesis Definition Same as Heterogenesis.
  • English Word Xenogenesis Definition The fancied production of an organism of one kind by an organism of another.
  • English Word Xenogenetic Definition Of or pertaining to xenogenesis; as, the xenogenetic origin of microzymes.
  • English Word Xenomania Definition A mania for, or an inordinate attachment to, foreign customs, institutions, manners, fashions, etc.
  • English Word Xenomi Definition A suborder of soft-rayed fresh-water fishes of which the blackfish of Alaska (Dallia pectoralis) is the type.
  • English Word Xenopterygii Definition A suborder of fishes including Gobiesox and allied genera. These fishes have soft-rayed fins, and a ventral sucker supported in front by the pectoral fins. They are destitute of scales.
  • English Word Xenotime Definition A native phosphate of yttrium occurring in yellowish-brown tetragonal crystals.
  • English Word Xenurine Definition A cabassou.
  • English Word Xenyl Definition The radical characteristic of xenylic compounds.
  • English Word Xenylic Definition Pertaining to, derived from, designating, certain amido compounds obtained by reducing certain nitro derivatives of diphenyl.