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  • English Word Xeraphim Definition An old money of account in Bombay, equal to three fifths of a rupee.
  • English Word Xeres Definition Sherry. See Sherry.
  • English Word Xerif Definition A shereef.
  • English Word Xeriff Definition A gold coin formerly current in Egypt and Turkey, of the value of about 9s. 6d., or about $2.30; -- also, in Morocco, a ducat.
  • English Word Xeroderma Definition Ichthyosis.
  • English Word Xeroderma Definition A skin disease characterized by the presence of numerous small pigmented spots resembling freckles, with which are subsequently mingled spots of atrophied skin.
  • English Word Xeronate Definition A salt of xeronic acid.
  • English Word Xeronic Definition Pertaining to, or designating, an acid, C8H12O4, related to fumaric acid, and obtained from citraconic acid as an oily substance having a bittersweet taste; -- so called from its tendency to form its anhydride.
  • English Word Xerophagy Definition Among the primitive Christians, the living on a diet of dry food in Lent and on other fasts.
  • English Word Xerophilous Definition Drought-loving; able withstand the absence or lack of moisture.
  • English Word Xerophthalmia Definition An abnormal dryness of the eyeball produced usually by long-continued inflammation and subsequent atrophy of the conjunctiva.
  • English Word Xerophthalmy Definition Xerophthalmia.
  • English Word Xiphias Definition A genus of fishes comprising the common swordfish.
  • English Word Xiphias Definition The constellation Dorado.
  • English Word Xiphias Definition A comet shaped like a sword
  • English Word Xiphidium Definition A genus of plants of the order Haemodraceae, having two-ranked, sword-shaped leaves.
  • English Word Xiphioid Definition Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a cetacean of the genus Xiphius or family Xiphiidae.
  • English Word Xiphiplastra Definition of Xiphiplastron
  • English Word Xiphiplastron Definition The posterior, or fourth, lateral plate in the plastron of turtles; -- called also xiphisternum.
  • English Word Xiphisterna Definition of Xiphisternum
  • English Word Xiphisternum Definition The posterior segment, or extremity, of the sternum; -- sometimes called metasternum, ensiform cartilage, ensiform process, or xiphoid process.
  • English Word Xiphisternum Definition The xiphiplastron.
  • English Word Xiphius Definition A genus of cetaceans having a long, pointed, bony beak, usually two tusklike teeth in the lower jaw, but no teeth in the upper jaw.
  • English Word Xiphodon Definition An extinct genus of artiodactylous mammals found in the European Tertiary formations. It had slender legs, didactylous feet, and small canine teeth.
  • English Word Xiphoid Definition Like a sword; ensiform.
  • English Word Xiphoid Definition Of or pertaining to the xiphoid process; xiphoidian.
  • English Word Xiphoidian Definition Xiphoid.
  • English Word Xiphophyllous Definition Having sword-shaped leaves.
  • English Word Xiphosura Definition See Xiphura.
  • English Word Xiphura Definition Same as Limuloidea. Called also Xiphosura.