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  • English Word Wuste Definition imp. of Wit.
  • English Word Wyandots Definition Same as Hurons.
  • English Word Wych-elm Definition A species of elm (Ulmus montana) found in Northern and Western Europe; Scotch elm.
  • English Word Wych-hazel Definition The wych-elm; -- so called because its leaves are like those of the hazel.
  • English Word Wycliffite Definition A follower of Wyclif, the English reformer; a Lollard.
  • English Word Wyclifite Definition Alt. of Wycliffite
  • English Word Wyd Definition Wide.
  • English Word Wye Definition The letter Y.
  • English Word Wye Definition A kind of crotch. See Y, n. (a).
  • English Word Wyes Definition of Wye
  • English Word Wyke Definition Week.
  • English Word Wyla Definition A helmeted Australian cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus funereus); -- called also funeral cockatoo.
  • English Word Wynd Definition A narrow lane or alley.
  • English Word Wynkernel Definition The European moor hen.
  • English Word Wynn Definition A kind of timber truck, or carriage.
  • English Word Wype Definition The wipe, or lapwing.
  • English Word Wys Definition Wise.
  • English Word Wyte Definition Alt. of Wyten
  • English Word Wyten Definition pl. pres. of Wit.
  • English Word Wythe Definition Same as Withe, n., 4.
  • English Word Wyvern Definition Same as Wiver. X () X, the twenty-fourth letter of the English alphabet, has three sounds; a compound nonvocal sound (that of ks), as in wax; a compound vocal sound (that of gz), as in example; and, at the beginning of a word, a simple vocal sound (that of z), as in xanthic. See Guide to Pronunciation, // 217, 270, 271.