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  • English Word Wrote Definition To root with the snout. See 1st Root.
  • English Word Wrote Definition imp. & archaic p. p. of Write.
  • English Word Wroth Definition Full of wrath; angry; incensed; much exasperated; wrathful.
  • English Word Wrought Definition imp. & p. p. of Work.
  • English Word Wrought Definition Worked; elaborated; not rough or crude.
  • English Word Wrought Definition of Work
  • English Word Wrung Definition of Wring
  • English Word Wrung Definition imp. & p. p. of Wring.
  • English Word Wry Definition To cover.
  • English Word Wry Definition Turned to one side; twisted; distorted; as, a wry mouth.
  • English Word Wry Definition Hence, deviating from the right direction; misdirected; out of place; as, wry words.
  • English Word Wry Definition Wrested; perverted.
  • English Word Wry Definition To twist; to writhe; to bend or wind.
  • English Word Wry Definition To deviate from the right way; to go away or astray; to turn side; to swerve.
  • English Word Wry Definition To twist; to distort; to writhe; to wrest; to vex.
  • English Word Wrybill Definition See Crookbill.
  • English Word Wrying Definition of Wry
  • English Word Wrymouth Definition Any one of several species of large, elongated, marine fishes of the genus Cryptacanthodes, especially C. maculatus of the American coast. A whitish variety is called ghostfish.
  • English Word Wryneck Definition A twisted or distorted neck; a deformity in which the neck is drawn to one side by a rigid contraction of one of the muscles of the neck; torticollis.
  • English Word Wryneck Definition Any one of several species of Old World birds of the genus Jynx, allied to the woodpeckers; especially, the common European species (J. torguilla); -- so called from its habit of turning the neck around in different directions. Called also cuckoo's mate, snakebird, summer bird, tonguebird, and writheneck.
  • English Word Wrynecked Definition Having a distorted neck; having the deformity called wryneck.
  • English Word Wryness Definition The quality or state of being wry, or distorted.
  • English Word Wrythen Definition Writhen.
  • English Word Wulfenite Definition Native lead molybdate occurring in tetragonal crystals, usually tabular, and of a bright orange-yellow to red, gray, or brown color; -- also called yellow lead ore.
  • English Word Wull Definition See 2d Will.
  • English Word Wung-out Definition Having the sails set in the manner called wing-and-wing.
  • English Word Wurbagool Definition A fruit bat (Pteropus medius) native of India. It is similar to the flying fox, but smaller.
  • English Word Wurmal Definition See Wormil.
  • English Word Wurraluh Definition The Australian white-quilled honey eater (Entomyza albipennis).
  • English Word Wust Definition Alt. of Wuste