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  • English Word Tabooed Definition of Taboo
  • English Word Tabooing Definition of Taboo
  • English Word Tabor Definition A small drum used as an accompaniment to a pipe or fife, both being played by the same person.
  • English Word Tabor Definition To play on a tabor, or little drum.
  • English Word Tabor Definition To strike lightly and frequently.
  • English Word Tabor Definition To make (a sound) with a tabor.
  • English Word Tabored Definition of Tabor
  • English Word Taborer Definition One who plays on the tabor.
  • English Word Taboret Definition A small tabor.
  • English Word Taborine Definition A small, shallow drum; a tabor.
  • English Word Taboring Definition of Tabor
  • English Word Taborite Definition One of certain Bohemian reformers who suffered persecution in the fifteenth century; -- so called from Tabor, a hill or fortress where they encamped during a part of their struggles.
  • English Word Tabour Definition See Tabor.
  • English Word Tabouret Definition Same as Taboret.
  • English Word Tabouret Definition A seat without arms or back, cushioned and stuffed: a high stool; -- so called from its resemblance to a drum.
  • English Word Tabouret Definition An embroidery frame.
  • English Word Tabrere Definition A taborer.
  • English Word Tabret Definition A taboret.
  • English Word Tabu Definition See Taboo.
  • English Word Tabula Definition A table; a tablet.
  • English Word Tabula Definition One of the transverse plants found in the calicles of certain corals and hydroids.
  • English Word Tabulae Definition of Tabula
  • English Word Tabular Definition Having the form of, or pertaining to, a table (in any of the uses of the word).
  • English Word Tabular Definition Having a flat surface; as, a tabular rock.
  • English Word Tabular Definition Formed into a succession of flakes; laminated.
  • English Word Tabular Definition Set in squares.
  • English Word Tabular Definition Arranged in a schedule; as, tabular statistics.
  • English Word Tabular Definition Derived from, or computed by, the use of tables; as, tabular right ascension.
  • English Word Tabularization Definition The act of tabularizing, or the state of being tabularized; formation into tables; tabulation.
  • English Word Tabularize Definition To tabulate.