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  • English Word Race Definition Esp., swift progress; rapid course; a running.
  • English Word Race Definition Hence: The act or process of running in competition; a contest of speed in any way, as in running, riding, driving, skating, rowing, sailing; in the plural, usually, a meeting for contests in the running of horses; as, he attended the races.
  • English Word Race Definition Competitive action of any kind, especially when prolonged; hence, career; course of life.
  • English Word Race Definition A strong or rapid current of water, or the channel or passage for such a current; a powerful current or heavy sea, sometimes produced by the meeting of two tides; as, the Portland Race; the Race of Alderney.
  • English Word Race Definition The current of water that turns a water wheel, or the channel in which it flows; a mill race.
  • English Word Race Definition A channel or guide along which a shuttle is driven back and forth, as in a loom, sewing machine, etc.
  • English Word Race Definition To run swiftly; to contend in a race; as, the animals raced over the ground; the ships raced from port to port.
  • English Word Race Definition To run too fast at times, as a marine engine or screw, when the screw is lifted out of water by the action of a heavy sea.
  • English Word Race Definition To cause to contend in a race; to drive at high speed; as, to race horses.
  • English Word Race Definition To run a race with.
  • English Word Raced Definition of Race
  • English Word Racemate Definition A salt of racemic acid.
  • English Word Racemation Definition A cluster or bunch, as of grapes.
  • English Word Racemation Definition Cultivation or gathering of clusters of grapes.
  • English Word Raceme Definition A flower cluster with an elongated axis and many one-flowered lateral pedicels, as in the currant and chokecherry.
  • English Word Racemed Definition Arranged in a raceme, or in racemes.
  • English Word Racemic Definition Pertaining to, or designating, an acid found in many kinds of grapes. It is also obtained from tartaric acid, with which it is isomeric, and from sugar, gum, etc., by oxidation. It is a sour white crystalline substance, consisting of a combination of dextrorotatory and levorotatory tartaric acids.
  • English Word Racemiferous Definition Bearing racemes, as the currant.
  • English Word Racemiform Definition Having the form of a raceme.
  • English Word Racemose Definition Resembling a raceme; growing in the form of a raceme; as, (Bot.) racemose berries or flowers; (Anat.) the racemose glands, in which the ducts are branched and clustered like a raceme.
  • English Word Racemous Definition See Racemose.
  • English Word Racemule Definition A little raceme.
  • English Word Racemulose Definition Growing in very small racemes.
  • English Word Racer Definition One who, or that which, races, or contends in a race; esp., a race horse.
  • English Word Racer Definition The common American black snake.
  • English Word Racer Definition One of the circular iron or steel rails on which the chassis of a heavy gun is turned.
  • English Word Rach Definition Alt. of Rache
  • English Word Rache Definition A dog that pursued his prey by scent, as distinguished from the greyhound.
  • English Word Rachialgia Definition A painful affection of the spine; especially, Pott's disease; also, formerly, lead colic.
  • English Word Rachides Definition of Rachis