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  • English Word Ruthenious Definition Pertaining to, or containing, ruthenium; specifically, designating those compounds in which it has a lower valence as contrasted with ruthenic compounds.
  • English Word Ruthenium Definition A rare element of the light platinum group, found associated with platinum ores, and isolated as a hard, brittle steel-gray metal which is very infusible. Symbol Ru. Atomic weight 103.5. Specific gravity 12.26. See Platinum metals, under Platinum.
  • English Word Ruthful Definition Full of ruth
  • English Word Ruthful Definition Pitiful; tender.
  • English Word Ruthful Definition Full of sorrow; woeful.
  • English Word Ruthful Definition Causing sorrow.
  • English Word Ruthless Definition Having no ruth; cruel; pitiless.
  • English Word Rutic Definition Pertaining to, or obtained from, rue (Ruta); as, rutic acid, now commonly called capric acid.
  • English Word Rutilant Definition Having a reddish glow; shining.
  • English Word Rutilate Definition To shine; to emit rays of light.
  • English Word Rutile Definition A mineral usually of a reddish brown color, and brilliant metallic adamantine luster, occurring in tetragonal crystals. In composition it is titanium dioxide, like octahedrite and brookite.
  • English Word Rutilian Definition Any species of lamellicorn beetles belonging to Rutila and allied genera, as the spotted grapevine beetle (Pelidnota punctata).
  • English Word Rutin Definition A glucoside resembling, but distinct from, quercitrin. Rutin is found in the leaves of the rue (Ruta graveolens) and other plants, and obtained as a bitter yellow crystalline substance which yields quercitin on decomposition.
  • English Word Rutinose. Definition A disaccharide present in glycosides.
  • English Word Rutted Definition of Rut
  • English Word Rutter Definition A horseman or trooper.
  • English Word Rutter Definition That which ruts.
  • English Word Rutterkin Definition An old crafty fox or beguiler -- a word of contempt.
  • English Word Ruttier Definition A chart of a course, esp. at sea.
  • English Word Rutting Definition of Rut
  • English Word Ruttish Definition Inclined to rut; lustful; libidinous; salacious.
  • English Word Ruttle Definition A rattling sound in the throat arising from difficulty of breathing; a rattle.
  • English Word Rutty Definition Ruttish; lustful.
  • English Word Rutty Definition Full of ruts; as, a rutty road.
  • English Word Rutty Definition Rooty.
  • English Word Rutylene Definition A liquid hydrocarbon, C10H18, of the acetylene series. It is produced artificially.
  • English Word Ryal Definition Royal.
  • English Word Ryal Definition See Rial, an old English coin.
  • English Word Ryder Definition A clause added to a document; a rider. See Rider.
  • English Word Ryder Definition A gold coin of Zealand [Netherlands] equal to 14 florins, about $ 5.60.