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  • English Word Rye Definition A grain yielded by a hardy cereal grass (Secale cereale), closely allied to wheat; also, the plant itself. Rye constitutes a large portion of the breadstuff used by man.
  • English Word Rye Definition A disease in a hawk.
  • English Word Rynd Definition A piece of iron crossing the hole in the upper millstone by which the stone is supported on the spindle.
  • English Word Ryot Definition A peasant or cultivator of the soil.
  • English Word Rypophagous Definition Eating, or subsisting on, filth.
  • English Word Rys Definition A branch.
  • English Word Rysh Definition Rush, a plant.
  • English Word Rysimeter Definition See Rhysimeter.
  • English Word Ryth Definition A ford.
  • English Word Rytina Definition A genus of large edentulous sirenians, allied to the dugong and manatee, including but one species (R. Stelleri); -- called also Steller's sea cow. S () the nineteenth letter of the English alphabet, is a consonant, and is often called a sibilant, in allusion to its hissing sound. It has two principal sounds; one a mere hissing, as in sack, this; the other a vocal hissing (the same as that of z), as in is, wise. Besides these it sometimes has the sounds of sh and zh, as in sure, measure. It generally has its hissing sound at the beginning of words, but in the middle and at the end of words its sound is determined by usage. In a few words it is silent, as in isle, debris. With the letter h it forms the digraph sh. See Guide to pronunciation, // 255-261.