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  • English Word Radicated Definition of Radicate
  • English Word Radicated Definition Rooted
  • English Word Radicated Definition Having roots, or possessing a well-developed root.
  • English Word Radicated Definition Having rootlike organs for attachment.
  • English Word Radicating Definition of Radicate
  • English Word Radication Definition The process of taking root, or state of being rooted; as, the radication of habits.
  • English Word Radication Definition The disposition of the roots of a plant.
  • English Word Radicel Definition A small branch of a root; a rootlet.
  • English Word Radices Definition of Radix
  • English Word Radiciflorous Definition Rhizanthous.
  • English Word Radiciform Definition Having the nature or appearance of a radix or root.
  • English Word Radicle Definition The rudimentary stem of a plant which supports the cotyledons in the seed, and from which the root is developed downward; the stem of the embryo; the caulicle.
  • English Word Radicle Definition A rootlet; a radicel.
  • English Word Radicular Definition Of or pertaining to roots, or the root of a plant.
  • English Word Radicule Definition A radicle.
  • English Word Radiculose Definition Producing numerous radicles, or rootlets.
  • English Word Radii Definition pl. of Radius.
  • English Word Radii Definition of Radius
  • English Word Radio- Definition A combining form indicating connection with, or relation to, a radius or ray; specifically (Anat.), with the radius of the forearm; as, radio-ulnar, radio-muscular, radio-carpal.
  • English Word Radio-flagellata Definition A group of Protozoa having both flagella and pseudopodia.
  • English Word Radiograph Definition A picture produced by the Rontgen rays upon a sensitive surface, photographic or fluorescent, especially a picture of opaque objects traversed by the rays.
  • English Word Radiolaria Definition Order of rhizopods, usually having a siliceous skeleton, or shell, and sometimes radiating spicules. The pseudopodia project from the body like rays. It includes the polycystines. See Polycystina.
  • English Word Radiolarian Definition Of or pertaining to the Radiolaria.
  • English Word Radiolarian Definition One of the Radiolaria.
  • English Word Radioli Definition The barbs of the radii of a feather; barbules.
  • English Word Radiolite Definition A hippurite.
  • English Word Radiometer Definition A forestaff.
  • English Word Radiometer Definition An instrument designed for measuring the mechanical effect of radiant energy.
  • English Word Radiomicrometer Definition A very sensitive modification or application of the thermopile, used for indicating minute changes of radiant heat, or temperature.
  • English Word Radiophone Definition An apparatus for the production of sound by the action of luminous or thermal rays. It is essentially the same as the photophone.