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  • English Word Quadrinodal Definition Possessing four nodes; as, quadrinodal curves.
  • English Word Quadrinomial Definition A polynomial of four terms connected by the signs plus or minus.
  • English Word Quadrinomical Definition Quadrinomial.
  • English Word Quadrinominal Definition Quadrinomial.
  • English Word Quadripartite Definition Divided into four parts.
  • English Word Quadripartitely Definition In four parts.
  • English Word Quadripartition Definition A division or distribution by four, or into four parts; also, a taking the fourth part of any quantity or number.
  • English Word Quadripennate Definition Having four wings; -- said of insects.
  • English Word Quadriphyllous Definition Having four leaves; quadrifoliate.
  • English Word Quadrireme Definition A galley with four banks of oars or rowers.
  • English Word Quadrisection Definition A subdivision into four parts.
  • English Word Quadrisulcate Definition Having four hoofs; as, a quadrisulcate foot; a quadrisulcate animal.
  • English Word Quadrisyllabic Definition Alt. of Quadri-syllabical
  • English Word Quadrisyllable Definition A word consisting of four syllables.
  • English Word Quadrivalence Definition The quality or state of being quadrivalent; tetravalence.
  • English Word Quadrivalent Definition Having a valence of four; capable of combining with, being replaced by, or compared with, four monad atoms; tetravalent; -- said of certain atoms and radicals; thus, carbon and silicon are quadrivalent elements.
  • English Word Quadrivalve Definition Dehiscent into four similar parts; four-valved; as, a quadrivalve pericarp.
  • English Word Quadrivalve Definition A door, shutter, or the like, having four folds.
  • English Word Quadrivalvular Definition Having four valves; quadrivalve.
  • English Word Quadrivial Definition Having four ways meeting in a point.
  • English Word Quadrivial Definition One of the four "liberal arts" making up the quadrivium.
  • English Word Quadrivium Definition The four "liberal arts," arithmetic, music, geometry, and astronomy; -- so called by the schoolmen. See Trivium.
  • English Word Quadroon Definition The offspring of a mulatto and a white person; a person quarter-blooded.
  • English Word Quadroxide Definition A tetroxide.
  • English Word Quadrumana Definition A division of the Primates comprising the apes and monkeys; -- so called because the hind foot is usually prehensile, and the great toe opposable somewhat like a thumb. Formerly the Quadrumana were considered an order distinct from the Bimana, which last included man alone.
  • English Word Quadrumane Definition One of the Quadrumana.
  • English Word Quadrumanous Definition Having four hands; of or pertaining to the Quadrumana.
  • English Word Quadruped Definition An animal having four feet, as most mammals and reptiles; -- often restricted to the mammals.
  • English Word Quadruped Definition Having four feet.
  • English Word Quadrupedal Definition Having four feet; of or pertaining to a quadruped.