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  • English Word Quotation Definition A piece of hollow type metal, lower than type, and measuring two or more pica ems in length and breadth, used in the blank spaces at the beginning and end of chapters, etc.
  • English Word Quotationist Definition One who makes, or is given to making, quotations.
  • English Word Quote Definition To cite, as a passage from some author; to name, repeat, or adduce, as a passage from an author or speaker, by way of authority or illustration; as, to quote a passage from Homer.
  • English Word Quote Definition To cite a passage from; to name as the authority for a statement or an opinion; as, to quote Shakespeare.
  • English Word Quote Definition To name the current price of.
  • English Word Quote Definition To notice; to observe; to examine.
  • English Word Quote Definition To set down, as in writing.
  • English Word Quote Definition A note upon an author.
  • English Word Quoted Definition of Quote
  • English Word Quoter Definition One who quotes the words of another.
  • English Word Quoth Definition Said; spoke; uttered; -- used only in the first and third persons in the past tenses, and always followed by its nominative, the word or words said being the object; as, quoth I. quoth he.
  • English Word Quotha Definition Indeed; forsooth.
  • English Word Quotidian Definition Occurring or returning daily; as, a quotidian fever.
  • English Word Quotidian Definition Anything returning daily; especially (Med.), an intermittent fever or ague which returns every day.
  • English Word Quotient Definition The number resulting from the division of one number by another, and showing how often a less number is contained in a greater; thus, the quotient of twelve divided by four is three.
  • English Word Quotient Definition The result of any process inverse to multiplication. See the Note under Multiplication.
  • English Word Quotiety Definition The relation of an object to number.
  • English Word Quoting Definition of Quote
  • English Word Quotum Definition Part or proportion; quota.
  • English Word Quran Definition See Koran. R () R, the eighteenth letter of the English alphabet, is a vocal consonant. It is sometimes called a semivowel, and a liquid. See Guide to Pronunciation, // 178, 179, and 250-254.
  • English Word Qvacked Definition of Quack