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  • English Word Quadrae Definition of Quadra
  • English Word Quadragenarious Definition Consisting of forty; forty years old.
  • English Word Quadragene Definition An indulgence of forty days, corresponding to the forty days of ancient canonical penance.
  • English Word Quadragesima Definition The forty days of fast preceding Easter; Lent.
  • English Word Quadragesimal Definition Belonging to Lent; used in Lent; Lenten.
  • English Word Quadragesimals Definition Offerings formerly made to the mother church of a diocese on Mid-Lent Sunday.
  • English Word Quadrangle Definition A plane figure having four angles, and consequently four sides; any figure having four angles.
  • English Word Quadrangle Definition A square or quadrangular space or inclosure, such a space or court surrounded by buildings, esp. such a court in a college or public school in England.
  • English Word Quadrangular Definition Having four angles, and consequently four sides; tetragonal.
  • English Word Quadrans Definition A fourth part of the coin called an as. See 3d As, 2.
  • English Word Quadrans Definition The fourth of a penny; a farthing. See Cur.
  • English Word Quadrant Definition The fourth part; the quarter.
  • English Word Quadrant Definition The quarter of a circle, or of the circumference of a circle, an arc of 90¡, or one subtending a right angle at the center.
  • English Word Quadrant Definition One of the four parts into which a plane is divided by the coordinate axes. The upper right-hand part is the first quadrant; the upper left-hand part the second; the lower left-hand part the third; and the lower right-hand part the fourth quadrant.
  • English Word Quadrant Definition An instrument for measuring altitudes, variously constructed and mounted for different specific uses in astronomy, surveying, gunnery, etc., consisting commonly of a graduated arc of 90¡, with an index or vernier, and either plain or telescopic sights, and usually having a plumb line or spirit level for fixing the vertical or horizontal direction.
  • English Word Quadrantal Definition Of or pertaining to a quadrant; also, included in the fourth part of a circle; as, quadrantal space.
  • English Word Quadrantal Definition A cube.
  • English Word Quadrantal Definition A cubical vessel containing a Roman cubic foot, each side being a Roman square foot; -- used as a measure.
  • English Word Quadrantes Definition of Quadrans
  • English Word Quadrat Definition A block of type metal lower than the letters, -- used in spacing and in blank lines.
  • English Word Quadrat Definition An old instrument used for taking altitudes; -- called also geometrical square, and line of shadows.
  • English Word Quadrate Definition To square; to agree; to suit; to correspond; -- followed by with.
  • English Word Quadrate Definition The quadrate bone.
  • English Word Quadrate Definition An aspect of the heavenly bodies in which they are distant from each other 90¡, or the quarter of a circle; quartile. See the Note under Aspect, 6.
  • English Word Quadrate Definition A plane surface with four equal sides and four right angles; a square; hence, figuratively, anything having the outline of a square.
  • English Word Quadrate Definition Squared; suited; correspondent.
  • English Word Quadrate Definition Produced by multiplying a number by itself; square.
  • English Word Quadrate Definition To adjust (a gun) on its carriage; also, to train (a gun) for horizontal firing.
  • English Word Quadrate Definition Having four equal sides, the opposite sides parallel, and four right angles; square.
  • English Word Quadrate Definition Square; even; balanced; equal; exact.