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  • English Word Oatcake Definition A cake made of oatmeal.
  • English Word Oaten Definition Made of oatmeal; as, oaten cakes.
  • English Word Oaten Definition Consisting of an oat straw or stem; as, an oaten pipe.
  • English Word Oath Definition A solemn affirmation or declaration, made with a reverent appeal to God for the truth of what is affirmed.
  • English Word Oath Definition An appeal (in verification of a statement made) to a superior sanction, in such a form as exposes the party making the appeal to an indictment for perjury if the statement be false.
  • English Word Oath Definition A solemn affirmation, connected with a sacred object, or one regarded as sacred, as the temple, the altar, the blood of Abel, the Bible, the Koran, etc.
  • English Word Oath Definition A careless and blasphemous use of the name of the divine Being, or anything divine or sacred, by way of appeal or as a profane exclamation or ejaculation; an expression of profane swearing.
  • English Word Oathable Definition Capable of having an oath administered to.
  • English Word Oathbreaking Definition The violation of an oath; perjury.
  • English Word Oaths Definition of Oath
  • English Word Oatmeal Definition Meal made of oats.
  • English Word Oatmeal Definition A plant of the genus Panicum; panic grass.
  • English Word Oats Definition of Oat
  • English Word Ob- Definition A prefix signifying to, toward, before, against, reversely, etc.; also, as a simple intensive; as in oblige, to bind to; obstacle, something standing before; object, lit., to throw against; obovate, reversely, ovate. Ob- is commonly assimilated before c, f, g, and p, to oc-, of-, og-, and op-.
  • English Word Obbe Definition See Obi.
  • English Word Obcompressed Definition Compressed or flattened antero-posteriorly, or in a way opposite to the usual one.
  • English Word Obconic Definition Alt. of Obconical
  • English Word Obconical Definition Conical, but having the apex downward; inversely conical.
  • English Word Obcordate Definition Heart-shaped, with the attachment at the pointed end; inversely cordate: as, an obcordate petal or leaf.
  • English Word Obdiplostemonous Definition Having twice as many stamens as petals, those of the outer set being opposite the petals; -- said of flowers.
  • English Word Obdiplostemony Definition The condition of being obdiplostemonous.
  • English Word Obdormition Definition Sleep.
  • English Word Obduce Definition To draw over, as a covering.
  • English Word Obduct Definition To draw over; to cover.
  • English Word Obduction Definition The act of drawing or laying over, as a covering.
  • English Word Obduracy Definition The duality or state of being obdurate; invincible hardness of heart; obstinacy.
  • English Word Obdurate Definition To harden.
  • English Word Obdurate Definition Hardened in feelings, esp. against moral or mollifying influences; unyielding; hard-hearted; stubbornly wicked.
  • English Word Obdurate Definition Hard; harsh; rugged; rough; intractable.
  • English Word Obduration Definition A hardening of the heart; hardness of heart.