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  • English Word Oxychloride Definition A ternary compound of oxygen and chlorine; as, plumbic oxychloride.
  • English Word Oxycrate Definition A Mixture of water and vinegar.
  • English Word Oxycymene Definition Hydroxy cymene. Same as Carvacrol.
  • English Word Oxygen Definition A colorless, tasteless, odorless, gaseous element occurring in the free state in the atmosphere, of which it forms about 23 per cent by weight and about 21 per cent by volume, being slightly heavier than nitrogen. Symbol O. Atomic weight 15.96.
  • English Word Oxygen Definition Chlorine used in bleaching.
  • English Word Oxygenate Definition To unite, or cause to combine, with oxygen; to treat with oxygen; to oxidize; as, oxygenated water (hydrogen dioxide).
  • English Word Oxygenated Definition of Oxygenate
  • English Word Oxygenating Definition of Oxygenate
  • English Word Oxygenation Definition The act or process of combining or of treating with oxygen; oxidation.
  • English Word Oxygenator Definition An oxidizer.
  • English Word Oxygenic Definition Pertaining to, containing, or resembling, oxygen; producing oxygen.
  • English Word Oxygenium Definition The technical name of oxygen.
  • English Word Oxygenizable Definition Oxidizable.
  • English Word Oxygenize Definition To oxidize.
  • English Word Oxygenized Definition of Oxygenize
  • English Word Oxygenizement Definition Oxidation.
  • English Word Oxygenizing Definition of Oxygenize
  • English Word Oxygenous Definition Oxygenic.
  • English Word Oxygon Definition A triangle having three acute angles.
  • English Word Oxygonal Definition Alt. of Oxygonial
  • English Word Oxygonial Definition Having acute angles.
  • English Word OxYhaemacyanin Definition Alt. of Oxyhaemocyanin
  • English Word Oxyhaemocyanin Definition See Haemacyanin.
  • English Word Oxyhaemoglobin Definition Alt. of Oxyhemoglobin
  • English Word Oxyhemoglobin Definition See Hemoglobin.
  • English Word Oxyhydrogen Definition Of or pertaining to a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen; as, oxyhydrogen gas.
  • English Word Oxymel Definition A mixture of honey, water, vinegar, and spice, boiled to a sirup.
  • English Word Oxymethylene Definition Formic aldehyde, regarded as a methylene derivative.
  • English Word Oxymoron Definition A figure in which an epithet of a contrary signification is added to a word; e. g., cruel kindness; laborious idleness.
  • English Word Oxymuriate Definition A salt of the supposed oxymuriatic acid; a chloride.