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  • English Word Nares Definition The nostrils or nasal openings, -- the anterior nares being the external or proper nostrils, and the posterior nares, the openings of the nasal cavities into the mouth or pharynx.
  • English Word Nargile Definition Alt. of Nargileh
  • English Word Nargileh Definition An apparatus for smoking tobacco. It has a long flexible tube, and the smoke is drawn through water.
  • English Word Narica Definition The brown coati. See Coati.
  • English Word Nariform Definition Formed like the nose.
  • English Word Narine Definition Of or belonging to the nostrils.
  • English Word Narrable Definition Capable of being narrated or told.
  • English Word Narragansetts Definition A tribe of Indians who formerly inhabited the shores of Narragansett Bay.
  • English Word Narrate Definition To tell, rehearse, or recite, as a story; to relate the particulars of; to go through with in detail, as an incident or transaction; to give an account of.
  • English Word Narrated Definition of Narrate
  • English Word Narrating Definition of Narrate
  • English Word Narration Definition That which is related; the relation in words or writing of the particulars of any transaction or event, or of any series of transactions or events; story; history.
  • English Word Narration Definition The act of telling or relating the particulars of an event; rehearsal; recital.
  • English Word Narration Definition That part of a discourse which recites the time, manner, or consequences of an action, or simply states the facts connected with the subject.
  • English Word Narrative Definition That which is narrated; the recital of a story; a continuous account of the particulars of an event or transaction; a story.
  • English Word Narrative Definition Of or pertaining to narration; relating to the particulars of an event or transaction.
  • English Word Narrative Definition Apt or inclined to relate stories, or to tell particulars of events; story-telling; garrulous.
  • English Word Narratively Definition In the style of narration.
  • English Word Narrator Definition One who narrates; one who relates a series of events or transactions.
  • English Word Narratory Definition Giving an account of events; narrative; as, narratory letters.
  • English Word Narre Definition Nearer.
  • English Word Narrow Definition Scrutinizing in detail; close; accurate; exact.
  • English Word Narrow Definition To contract the size of, as a stocking, by taking two stitches into one.
  • English Word Narrow Definition Limited as to means; straitened; pinching; as, narrow circumstances.
  • English Word Narrow Definition Parsimonious; niggardly; covetous; selfish.
  • English Word Narrow Definition Having but a little margin; having barely sufficient space, time, or number, etc.; close; near; -- with special reference to some peril or misfortune; as, a narrow shot; a narrow escape; a narrow majority.
  • English Word Narrow Definition Contracted; of limited scope; illiberal; bigoted; as, a narrow mind; narrow views.
  • English Word Narrow Definition Of little extent; very limited; circumscribed.
  • English Word Narrow Definition A narrow passage; esp., a contracted part of a stream, lake, or sea; a strait connecting two bodies of water; -- usually in the plural; as, The Narrows of New York harbor.
  • English Word Narrow Definition Formed (as a vowel) by a close position of some part of the tongue in relation to the palate; or (according to Bell) by a tense condition of the pharynx; -- distinguished from wide; as e (eve) and / (f/d), etc., from i (ill) and / (f/t), etc. See Guide to Pronunciation, / 13.