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  • English Word Naphthalenic Definition Pertaining to , or derived from, naphthalene; -- used specifically to designate a yellow crystalline substance, called naphthalenic acid and also hydroxy quinone, and obtained from certain derivatives of naphthol.
  • English Word Naphthalic Definition Pertaining to, derived from, or related to, naphthalene; -- used specifically to denote any one of a series of acids derived from naphthalene, and called naphthalene acids.
  • English Word Naphthalic Definition Formerly, designating an acid probably identical with phthalic acid.
  • English Word Naphthalidine Definition Same as Naphthylamine.
  • English Word Naphthalin Definition Alt. of Naphthaline
  • English Word Naphthaline Definition See Naphthalene.
  • English Word Naphthalize Definition To mingle, saturate, or impregnate, with naphtha.
  • English Word Naphthazarin Definition A dyestuff, resembling alizarin, obtained from naphthoquinone as a red crystalline substance with a bright green, metallic luster; -- called also naphthalizarin.
  • English Word Naphthene Definition A peculiar hydrocarbon occuring as an ingredient of Caucasian petroleum.
  • English Word Naphthide Definition A compound of naphthalene or its radical with a metallic element; as, mercuric naphthide.
  • English Word Naphthoic Definition Pertaining to, derived from, or related to, naphthalene; -- used specifically to designate any one of a series of carboxyl derivatives, called naphthoic acids.
  • English Word Naphthol Definition Any one of a series of hydroxyl derivatives of naphthalene, analogous to phenol. In general they are crystalline substances with a phenol (carbolic) odor.
  • English Word Naphthoquinone Definition A yellow crystalline substance, C10H6O2, analogous to quinone, obtained by oxidizing naphthalene with chromic acid.
  • English Word Naphthyl Definition A hydrocarbon radical regarded as the essential residue of naphthalene.
  • English Word Naphthylamine Definition One of two basic amido derivatives of naphthalene, C10H7.NH2, forming crystalline solids.
  • English Word Napier's bones Definition Alt. of Napier's rods
  • English Word Napier's rods Definition A set of rods, made of bone or other material, each divided into nine spaces, and containing the numbers of a column of the multiplication table; -- a contrivance of Baron Napier, the inventor of logarithms, for facilitating the operations of multiplication and division.
  • English Word Napierian Definition Alt. of Naperian
  • English Word Napiform Definition Turnip-shaped; large and round in the upper part, and very slender below.
  • English Word Napkin Definition A little towel, or small cloth, esp. one for wiping the fingers and mouth at table.
  • English Word Napkin Definition A handkerchief.
  • English Word Naples yellow Definition See under Yellow.
  • English Word Napless Definition Without nap; threadbare.
  • English Word Napoleon Definition A French gold coin of twenty francs, or about $3.86.
  • English Word Napoleonic Definition Of or pertaining to Napoleon I., or his family; resembling, or having the qualities of, Napoleon I.
  • English Word Napoleonist Definition A supporter of the dynasty of the Napoleons.
  • English Word Nappe Definition Sheet; surface; all that portion of a surface that is continuous in such a way that it is possible to pass from any one point of the portion to any other point of the portion without leaving the surface. Thus, some hyperboloids have one nappe, and some have two.
  • English Word Napped Definition of Nap
  • English Word Nappies Definition of Nappy
  • English Word Nappiness Definition The quality of having a nap; abundance of nap, as on cloth.