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  • English Word Dye Definition Same as Die, a lot.
  • English Word Dyed Definition of Dye
  • English Word Dyehouse Definition A building in which dyeing is carried on.
  • English Word Dyeing Definition of Dye
  • English Word Dyeing Definition The process or art of fixing coloring matters permanently and uniformly in the fibers of wool, cotton, etc.
  • English Word Dyer Definition One whose occupation is to dye cloth and the like.
  • English Word Dyestuff Definition A material used for dyeing.
  • English Word Dyewood Definition Any wood from which coloring matter is extracted for dyeing.
  • English Word Dying Definition In the act of dying; destined to death; mortal; perishable; as, dying bodies.
  • English Word Dying Definition Of or pertaining to dying or death; as, dying bed; dying day; dying words; also, simulating a dying state.
  • English Word Dying Definition The act of expiring; passage from life to death; loss of life.
  • English Word Dying Definition of Die
  • English Word Dyingly Definition In a dying manner; as if at the point of death.
  • English Word Dyingness Definition The state of dying or the stimulation of such a state; extreme languor; languishment.
  • English Word Dyke Definition See Dike. The spelling dyke is restricted by some to the geological meaning.
  • English Word Dynactinometer Definition An instrument for measuring the intensity of the photogenic (light-producing) rays, and computing the power of object glasses.
  • English Word Dynam Definition A unit of measure for dynamical effect or work; a foot pound. See Foot pound.
  • English Word Dynameter Definition A dynamometer.
  • English Word Dynameter Definition An instrument for determining the magnifying power of telescopes, consisting usually of a doubleimage micrometer applied to the eye end of a telescope for measuring accurately the diameter of the image of the object glass there formed; which measurement, compared with the actual diameter of the glass, gives the magnifying power.
  • English Word Dynametrical Definition Pertaining to a dynameter.
  • English Word Dynamic Definition Alt. of Dynamical
  • English Word Dynamical Definition Of or pertaining to dynamics; belonging to energy or power; characterized by energy or production of force.
  • English Word Dynamical Definition Relating to physical forces, effects, or laws; as, dynamical geology.
  • English Word Dynamically Definition In accordance with the principles of dynamics or moving forces.
  • English Word Dynamics Definition That branch of mechanics which treats of the motion of bodies (kinematics) and the action of forces in producing or changing their motion (kinetics). Dynamics is held by some recent writers to include statics and not kinematics.
  • English Word Dynamics Definition The moving moral, as well as physical, forces of any kind, or the laws which relate to them.
  • English Word Dynamics Definition That department of musical science which relates to, or treats of, the power of tones.
  • English Word Dynamism Definition The doctrine of Leibnitz, that all substance involves force.
  • English Word Dynamist Definition One who accounts for material phenomena by a theory of dynamics.
  • English Word Dynamitard Definition A political dynamiter. [A form found in some newspapers.]