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  • English Word Dachshund Definition One of a breed of small dogs with short crooked legs, and long body; -- called also badger dog. There are two kinds, the rough-haired and the smooth-haired.
  • English Word Dacian Definition Of or pertaining to Dacia or the Dacians.
  • English Word Dacian Definition A native of ancient Dacia.
  • English Word Dacoit Definition One of a class of robbers, in India, who act in gangs.
  • English Word Dacoity Definition The practice of gang robbery in India; robbery committed by dacoits.
  • English Word Dacotahs Definition Same as Dacotas.
  • English Word Dactyl Definition A poetical foot of three sylables (-- ~ ~), one long followed by two short, or one accented followed by two unaccented; as, L. tegm/n/, E. merb6ciful; -- so called from the similarity of its arrangement to that of the joints of a finger.
  • English Word Dactyl Definition A finger or toe; a digit.
  • English Word Dactyl Definition The claw or terminal joint of a leg of an insect or crustacean.
  • English Word Dactylar Definition Pertaining to dactyl; dactylic.
  • English Word Dactylar Definition Of or pertaining to a finger or toe, or to the claw of an insect crustacean.
  • English Word Dactylet Definition A dactyl.
  • English Word Dactylic Definition A line consisting chiefly or wholly of dactyls; as, these lines are dactylics.
  • English Word Dactylic Definition Dactylic meters.
  • English Word Dactylic Definition Pertaining to, consisting chiefly or wholly of, dactyls; as, dactylic verses.
  • English Word Dactylioglyph Definition An engraver of gems for rings and other ornaments.
  • English Word Dactylioglyph Definition The inscription of the engraver's name on a finger ring or gem.
  • English Word Dactylioglyphi Definition The art or process of gem engraving.
  • English Word Dactyliography Definition The art of writing or engraving upon gems.
  • English Word Dactyliography Definition In general, the literature or history of the art.
  • English Word Dactyliology Definition That branch of archaeology which has to do with gem engraving.
  • English Word Dactyliology Definition That branch of archaeology which has to do with finger rings.
  • English Word Dactyliomancy Definition Divination by means of finger rings.
  • English Word Dactylist Definition A writer of dactylic verse.
  • English Word Dactylitis Definition An inflammatory affection of the fingers.
  • English Word Dactylology Definition The art of communicating ideas by certain movements and positions of the fingers; -- a method of conversing practiced by the deaf and dumb.
  • English Word Dactylomancy Definition Dactyliomancy.
  • English Word Dactylonomy Definition The art of numbering or counting by the fingers.
  • English Word Dactylopterous Definition Having the inferior rays of the pectoral fins partially or entirely free, as in the gurnards.
  • English Word Dactylotheca Definition The scaly covering of the toes, as in birds.