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  • English Word Zincic Definition Pertaining to, containing, or resembling, zinc; zincous.
  • English Word Zincide Definition A binary compound of zinc.
  • English Word Zinciferous Definition Containing or affording zinc.
  • English Word Zincification Definition The act or process of applying zinc; the condition of being zincified, or covered with zinc; galvanization.
  • English Word Zincify Definition To coat or impregnate with zinc.
  • English Word Zincing Definition of Zinc
  • English Word Zincing Definition The act or process of applying zinc; galvanization.
  • English Word Zincite Definition Native zinc oxide; a brittle, translucent mineral, of an orange-red color; -- called also red zinc ore, and red oxide of zinc.
  • English Word Zincked Definition of Zinc
  • English Word Zincking Definition of Zinc
  • English Word Zincking Definition Alt. of Zincing
  • English Word Zincky Definition Pertaining to zinc, or having its appearance.
  • English Word Zinco- Definition A combining form from zinc; in chemistry, designating zinc as an element of certain double compounds. Also used adjectively.
  • English Word Zinco-polar Definition Electrically polarized like the surface of the zinc presented to the acid in a battery, which has zincous affinity.
  • English Word Zincode Definition The positive electrode of an electrolytic cell; anode.
  • English Word Zincographer Definition An engraver on zinc.
  • English Word Zincography Definition The art or process of engraving or etching on zinc, in which the design is left in relief in the style of a wood cut, the rest of the ground being eaten away by acid.
  • English Word Zincoid Definition Pertaining to, or resembling, zinc; -- said of the electricity of the zincous plate in connection with a copper plate in a voltaic circle; also, designating the positive pole.
  • English Word Zincongraphic Definition Alt. of Zincongraphical
  • English Word Zincongraphical Definition Of or pertaining to zincography; as, zincographic processes.
  • English Word Zincous Definition Of, pertaining to, or containing, zinc; zincic; as, zincous salts.
  • English Word Zincous Definition Of or pertaining to the positive pole of a galvanic battery; electro-positive.
  • English Word Zincous Definition Hence, formerly, basic, basylous, as opposed to chlorous.
  • English Word Zingari Definition of Zingaro
  • English Word Zingaro Definition A gypsy.
  • English Word Zingel Definition A small, edible, freshwater European perch (Aspro zingel), having a round, elongated body and prominent snout.
  • English Word Zingiberaceous Definition Of or pertaining to ginger, or to a tribe (Zingibereae) of endogenous plants of the order Scitamineae. See Scitamineous.
  • English Word Zink Definition See Zinc.
  • English Word Zinkenite Definition A steel-gray metallic mineral, a sulphide of antimony and lead.
  • English Word Zinky Definition See Zincky.