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  • English Word Zealotist Definition A zealot.
  • English Word Zealotry Definition The character and behavior of a zealot; excess of zeal; fanatical devotion to a cause.
  • English Word Zealous Definition Filled with, or characterized by, zeal; warmly engaged, or ardent, in behalf of an object.
  • English Word Zealous Definition Filled with religious zeal.
  • English Word Zebec Definition See Xebec.
  • English Word Zebra Definition Either one of two species of South African wild horses remarkable for having the body white or yellowish white, and conspicuously marked with dark brown or brackish bands.
  • English Word Zebrawood Definition A kind of cabinet wood having beautiful black, brown, and whitish stripes, the timber of a tropical American tree (Connarus Guianensis).
  • English Word Zebrawood Definition The wood of a small West Indian myrtaceous tree (Eugenia fragrans).
  • English Word Zebrawood Definition The wood of an East Indian tree of the genus Guettarda.
  • English Word Zebrine Definition Pertaining to, or resembling, the zebra.
  • English Word Zebu Definition A bovine mammal (Ros Indicus) extensively domesticated in India, China, the East Indies, and East Africa. It usually has short horns, large pendulous ears, slender legs, a large dewlap, and a large, prominent hump over the shoulders; but these characters vary in different domestic breeds, which range in size from that of the common ox to that of a large mastiff.
  • English Word Zebub Definition A large noxious fly of Abyssinia, which like the tsetse fly, is destructive to cattle.
  • English Word Zechin Definition See Sequin.
  • English Word Zechstein Definition The upper division of the Permian (Dyas) of Europe. The prevailing rock is a magnesian limestone.
  • English Word Zed Definition The letter Z; -- called also zee, and formerly izzard.
  • English Word Zedoary Definition A medicinal substance obtained in the East Indies, having a fragrant smell, and a warm, bitter, aromatic taste. It is used in medicine as a stimulant.
  • English Word Zeekoe Definition A hippopotamus.
  • English Word Zehner Definition An Austrian silver coin equal to ten kreutzers, or about five cents.
  • English Word Zein Definition A nitrogenous substance of the nature of gluten, obtained from the seeds of Indian corn (Zea) as a soft, yellowish, amorphous substance.
  • English Word Zemindar Definition Same as Zamindar.
  • English Word Zemindari Definition Same as Zamindary.
  • English Word Zemindary Definition Alt. of Zemindari
  • English Word Zemni Definition The blind mole rat (Spalax typhlus), native of Eastern Europe and Asia. Its eyes and ears are rudimentary, and its fur is soft and brownish, more or less tinged with gray. It constructs extensive burrows.
  • English Word Zenana Definition The part of a dwelling appropriated to women.
  • English Word Zend Definition Properly, the translation and exposition in the Huzv/resh, or literary Pehlevi, language, of the Avesta, the Zoroastrian sacred writings; as commonly used, the language (an ancient Persian dialect) in which the Avesta is written.
  • English Word Zend-Avesta Definition The sacred writings of the ancient Persian religion, attributed to Zoroaster, but chiefly of a later date.
  • English Word Zendik Definition An atheist or unbeliever; -- name given in the East to those charged with disbelief of any revealed religion, or accused of magical heresies.
  • English Word Zenick Definition A South African burrowing mammal (Suricata tetradactyla), allied to the civets. It is grayish brown, with yellowish transverse stripes on the back. Called also suricat.
  • English Word Zenik Definition See Zenick.
  • English Word Zenith Definition hence, figuratively, the point of culmination; the greatest height; the height of success or prosperity.