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  • English Word Yoke Definition Fig.: That which connects or binds; a chain; a link; a bond connection.
  • English Word Yoke Definition A mark of servitude; hence, servitude; slavery; bondage; service.
  • English Word Yoke Definition Two animals yoked together; a couple; a pair that work together.
  • English Word Yoke Definition The quantity of land plowed in a day by a yoke of oxen.
  • English Word Yoke Definition A portion of the working day; as, to work two yokes, that is, to work both portions of the day, or morning and afternoon.
  • English Word Yoke Definition To put a yoke on; to join in or with a yoke; as, to yoke oxen, or pair of oxen.
  • English Word Yoke Definition To couple; to join with another.
  • English Word Yoke Definition To enslave; to bring into bondage; to restrain; to confine.
  • English Word Yoke Definition To be joined or associated; to be intimately connected; to consort closely; to mate.
  • English Word Yoke-toed Definition Having two toes in front and two behind, as the trogons and woodpeckers.
  • English Word Yokeage Definition See Rokeage.
  • English Word Yoked Definition of Yoke
  • English Word Yokefellow Definition An associate or companion in, or as in; a mate; a fellow; especially, a partner in marriage.
  • English Word Yokel Definition A country bumpkin.
  • English Word Yokelet Definition A small farm; -- so called as requiring but one yoke of oxen to till it.
  • English Word Yokemate Definition Same as Yokefellow.
  • English Word Yoking Definition of Yoke
  • English Word Yold Definition of Yield
  • English Word Yold Definition Yielded.
  • English Word Yolden Definition Yielded.
  • English Word Yolk Definition The yellow part of an egg; the vitellus.
  • English Word Yolk Definition An oily secretion which naturally covers the wool of sheep.
  • English Word Yoll Definition To yell.
  • English Word Yon Definition At a distance, but within view; yonder.
  • English Word Yon Definition Yonder.
  • English Word Yoncopin Definition A local name in parts of the Mississippi Valley for the American lotus (Nelumbo lutea).
  • English Word Yond Definition Furious; mad; angry; fierce.
  • English Word Yond Definition Yonder.
  • English Word Yonder Definition At a distance, but within view.
  • English Word Yonder Definition Being at a distance within view, or conceived of as within view; that or those there; yon.