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  • English Word Ulotrichi Definition The division of mankind which embraces the races having woolly or crispy hair. Cf. Leiotrichi.
  • English Word Ulotrichous Definition Having woolly or crispy hair; -- opposed to leiotrichous.
  • English Word Ulster Definition A long, loose overcoat, worn by men and women, originally made of frieze from Ulster, Ireland.
  • English Word Ulterior Definition Situated beyond, or on the farther side; thither; -- correlative with hither.
  • English Word Ulterior Definition Further; remoter; more distant; succeeding; as, ulterior demands or propositions; ulterior views; what ulterior measures will be adopted is uncertain.
  • English Word Ulterior Definition Ulterior side or part.
  • English Word Ulteriorly Definition More distantly or remotely.
  • English Word Ultima Definition Most remote; furthest; final; last.
  • English Word Ultima Definition The last syllable of a word.
  • English Word Ultimata Definition of Ultimatum
  • English Word Ultimate Definition Farthest; most remote in space or time; extreme; last; final.
  • English Word Ultimate Definition Last in a train of progression or consequences; tended toward by all that precedes; arrived at, as the last result; final.
  • English Word Ultimate Definition Incapable of further analysis; incapable of further division or separation; constituent; elemental; as, an ultimate constituent of matter.
  • English Word Ultimate Definition To come or bring to an end; to eventuate; to end.
  • English Word Ultimate Definition To come or bring into use or practice.
  • English Word Ultimated Definition of Ultimate
  • English Word Ultimately Definition As a final consequence; at last; in the end; as, afflictions often tend to correct immoral habits, and ultimately prove blessings.
  • English Word Ultimating Definition of Ultimate
  • English Word Ultimation Definition State of being ultimate; that which is ultimate, or final; ultimatum.
  • English Word Ultimatum Definition A final proposition, concession, or condition; especially, the final propositions, conditions, or terms, offered by either of the parties in a diplomatic negotiation; the most favorable terms a negotiator can offer, the rejection of which usually puts an end to the hesitation.
  • English Word Ultimatums Definition of Ultimatum
  • English Word Ultime Definition Ultimate; final.
  • English Word Ultimity Definition The last stage or consequence; finality.
  • English Word Ultimo Definition In the month immediately preceding the present; as, on the 1st ultimo; -- usually abbreviated to ult. Cf. Proximo.
  • English Word Ultion Definition The act of taking vengeance; revenge.
  • English Word Ultra Definition One who advocates extreme measures; an ultraist; an extremist; a radical.
  • English Word Ultra Definition Going beyond others, or beyond due limit; extreme; fanatical; uncompromising; as, an ultra reformer; ultra measures.
  • English Word Ultra vires Definition Beyond power; transcending authority; -- a phrase used frequently in relation to acts or enactments by corporations in excess of their chartered or statutory rights.
  • English Word Ultra- Definition A prefix from the Latin ultra beyond (see Ulterior), having in composition the signification beyond, on the other side, chiefly when joined with words expressing relations of place; as, ultramarine, ultramontane, ultramundane, ultratropical, etc. In other relations it has the sense of excessively, exceedingly, beyond what is common, natural, right, or proper; as, ultraconservative; ultrademocratic, ultradespotic, ultraliberal, ultraradical, etc.
  • English Word Ultrage Definition Outrage.