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  • English Word Utterer Definition One who utters.
  • English Word Utterest Definition Uttermost.
  • English Word Uttering Definition of Utter
  • English Word Utterless Definition Incapable of being uttered.
  • English Word Utterly Definition In an utter manner; to the full extent; fully; totally; as, utterly ruined; it is utterly vain.
  • English Word Uttermore Definition Further; outer; utter.
  • English Word Uttermost Definition Extreme; utmost; being; in the farthest, greatest, or highest degree; as, the uttermost extent or end.
  • English Word Uttermost Definition The utmost; the highest or greatest degree; the farthest extent.
  • English Word Utterness Definition The quality or state of being utter, or extreme; extremity; utmost; uttermost.
  • English Word Uva Definition A small pulpy or juicy fruit containing several seeds and having a thin skin, as a grape.
  • English Word Uva-ursi Definition The bearberry.
  • English Word Uvate Definition A conserve made of grapes.
  • English Word Uvea Definition The posterior pigmented layer of the iris; -- sometimes applied to the whole iris together with the choroid coat.
  • English Word Uveous Definition Resembling a grape.
  • English Word Uvic Definition Pertaining to, or obtained from, grapes; specifically, designating an organic acid, C7H8O3 (also called pyrotritartaric acid), obtained as a white crystalline substance by the decomposition of tartaric and pyrotartaric acids.
  • English Word Uvitic Definition Pertaining to, or designating, an acid, CH3C6H3(CO2H)2, obtained as a white crystalline substance by the partial oxidation of mesitylene; -- called also mesitic acid.
  • English Word Uvitonic Definition Pertaining to, or designating, an acid which is obtained as a white crystalline substance by the action of ammonia on pyrotartaric acid.
  • English Word Uvrou Definition See Euphroe.
  • English Word Uvula Definition The pendent fleshy lobe in the middle of the posterior border of the soft palate.
  • English Word Uvular Definition Of or pertaining to a uvula.
  • English Word Uvulatome Definition An instrument for removing the uvula.
  • English Word Uvulatomy Definition The operation of removing the uvula.
  • English Word Uwarowite Definition Ouvarovite.
  • English Word Uxorial Definition Dotingly fond of, or servilely submissive to, a wife; uxorious; also, becoming a wife; pertaining to a wife.
  • English Word Uxoricidal Definition Of or pertaining to uxoricide; tending to uxoricide.
  • English Word Uxoricide Definition The murder of a wife by her husband.
  • English Word Uxoricide Definition One who murders his wife.
  • English Word Uxorious Definition Excessively fond of, or submissive to, a wife; being a dependent husband.
  • English Word Uzema Definition A Burman measure of twelve miles. V () V, the twenty-second letter of the English alphabet, is a vocal consonant. V and U are only varieties of the same character, U being the cursive form, while V is better adapted for engraving, as in stone. The two letters were formerly used indiscriminately, and till a comparatively recent date words containing them were often classed together in dictionaries and other books of reference (see U). The letter V is from the Latin alphabet, where it was used both as a consonant (about like English w) and as a vowel. The Latin derives it from it from a form (V) of the Greek vowel / (see Y), this Greek letter being either from the same Semitic letter as the digamma F (see F), or else added by the Greeks to the alphabet which they took from the Semitic. Etymologically v is most nearly related to u, w, f, b, p; as in vine, wine; avoirdupois, habit, have; safe, save; trover, troubadour, trope. See U, F, etc.