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  • English Word Earth Definition A plowing.
  • English Word Earth flax Definition A variety of asbestus. See Amianthus.
  • English Word Earth shine Definition See Earth light, under Earth.
  • English Word Earth-tongue Definition A fungus of the genus Geoglossum.
  • English Word Earthbag Definition A bag filled with earth, used commonly to raise or repair a parapet.
  • English Word Earthbank Definition A bank or mound of earth.
  • English Word Earthboard Definition The part of a plow, or other implement, that turns over the earth; the moldboard.
  • English Word Earthborn Definition Born of the earth; terrigenous; springing originally from the earth; human.
  • English Word Earthborn Definition Relating to, or occasioned by, earthly objects.
  • English Word Earthbred Definition Low; grovelling; vulgar.
  • English Word Earthdin Definition An earthquake.
  • English Word Earthdrake Definition A mythical monster of the early Anglo-Saxon literature; a dragon.
  • English Word Earthed Definition of Earth
  • English Word Earthen Definition Made of earth; made of burnt or baked clay, or other like substances; as, an earthen vessel or pipe.
  • English Word Earthen-hearted Definition Hard-hearted; sordid; gross.
  • English Word Earthenware Definition Vessels and other utensils, ornaments, or the like, made of baked clay. See Crockery, Pottery, Stoneware, and Porcelain.
  • English Word Earthfork Definition A pronged fork for turning up the earth.
  • English Word Earthiness Definition The quality or state of being earthy, or of containing earth; hence, grossness.
  • English Word Earthing Definition of Earth
  • English Word Earthliness Definition The quality or state of being earthly; worldliness; grossness; perishableness.
  • English Word Earthling Definition An inhabitant of the earth; a mortal.
  • English Word Earthly Definition Pertaining to the earth; belonging to this world, or to man's existence on the earth; not heavenly or spiritual; carnal; worldly; as, earthly joys; earthly flowers; earthly praise.
  • English Word Earthly Definition Of all things on earth; possible; conceivable.
  • English Word Earthly Definition Made of earth; earthy.
  • English Word Earthly Definition In the manner of the earth or its people; worldly.
  • English Word Earthly-minded Definition Having a mind devoted to earthly things; worldly-minded; -- opposed to spiritual-minded.
  • English Word Earthmad Definition The earthworm.
  • English Word Earthnut Definition A name given to various roots, tubers, or pods grown under or on the ground
  • English Word Earthnut Definition The esculent tubers of the umbelliferous plants Bunium flexuosum and Carum Bulbocastanum.
  • English Word Earthnut Definition The peanut. See Peanut.