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  • English Word By-lane Definition A private lane, or one opening out of the usual road.
  • English Word By-law Definition A local or subordinate law; a private law or regulation made by a corporation for its own government.
  • English Word By-law Definition A law that is less important than a general law or constitutional provision, and subsidiary to it; a rule relating to a matter of detail; as, civic societies often adopt a constitution and by-laws for the government of their members. In this sense the word has probably been influenced by by, meaning secondary or aside.
  • English Word By-name Definition A nickname.
  • English Word By-pass Definition A by-passage, for a pipe, or other channel, to divert circulation from the usual course.
  • English Word By-passage Definition A passage different from the usual one; a byway.
  • English Word By-past Definition Past; gone by.
  • English Word By-place Definition A retired or private place.
  • English Word By-product Definition A secondary or additional product; something produced, as in the course of a manufacture, in addition to the principal product.
  • English Word By-respect Definition Private end or view; by-interest.
  • English Word By-room Definition A private room or apartment.
  • English Word By-speech Definition An incidental or casual speech, not directly relating to the point.
  • English Word By-spell Definition A proverb.
  • English Word By-street Definition A separate, private, or obscure street; an out of the way or cross street.
  • English Word By-stroke Definition An accidental or a slyly given stroke.
  • English Word By-turning Definition An obscure road; a way turning from the main road.
  • English Word By-view Definition A private or selfish view; self-interested aim or purpose.
  • English Word By-walk Definition A secluded or private walk.
  • English Word By-wash Definition The outlet from a dam or reservoir; also, a cut to divert the flow of water.
  • English Word By-wipe Definition A secret or side stroke, as of raillery or sarcasm.
  • English Word Byard Definition A piece of leather crossing the breast, used by the men who drag sledges in coal mines.
  • English Word Bye Definition A thing not directly aimed at; something which is a secondary object of regard; an object by the way, etc.; as in on or upon the bye, i. e., in passing; indirectly; by implication.
  • English Word Bye Definition A run made upon a missed ball; as, to steal a bye.
  • English Word Bye Definition A dwelling.
  • English Word Bye Definition In certain games, a station or place of an individual player.
  • English Word Bygone Definition Past; gone by.
  • English Word Bygone Definition Something gone by or past; a past event.
  • English Word Byland Definition A peninsula.
  • English Word Bylander Definition See Bilander.
  • English Word Byname Definition To give a nickname to.