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  • English Word Avoirdupois Definition Avoirdupois weight.
  • English Word Avoirdupois Definition Weight; heaviness; as, a woman of much avoirdupois.
  • English Word Avoke Definition To call from or back again.
  • English Word Avolate Definition To fly away; to escape; to exhale.
  • English Word Avolation Definition The act of flying; flight; evaporation.
  • English Word Avoset Definition A grallatorial bird, of the genus Recurvirostra; the scooper. The bill is long and bend upward toward the tip. The American species is R. Americana.
  • English Word Avoset Definition Same as Avocet.
  • English Word Avouch Definition To appeal to; to cite or claim as authority.
  • English Word Avouch Definition To maintain a just or true; to vouch for.
  • English Word Avouch Definition To declare or assert positively and as matter of fact; to affirm openly.
  • English Word Avouch Definition To acknowledge deliberately; to admit; to confess; to sanction.
  • English Word Avouch Definition Evidence; declaration.
  • English Word Avouchable Definition Capable of being avouched.
  • English Word Avouched Definition of Avouch
  • English Word Avoucher Definition One who avouches.
  • English Word Avouching Definition of Avouch
  • English Word Avouchment Definition The act of avouching; positive declaration.
  • English Word Avoutrer Definition See Advoutrer.
  • English Word Avoutrie Definition Adultery.
  • English Word Avow Definition To declare openly, as something believed to be right; to own or acknowledge frankly; as, a man avows his principles or his crimes.
  • English Word Avow Definition To acknowledge and justify, as an act done. See Avowry.
  • English Word Avow Definition Avowal.
  • English Word Avow Definition To bind, or to devote, by a vow.
  • English Word Avow Definition A vow or determination.
  • English Word Avowable Definition Capable of being avowed, or openly acknowledged, with confidence.
  • English Word Avowal Definition An open declaration; frank acknowledgment; as, an avowal of such principles.
  • English Word Avowance Definition Act of avowing; avowal.
  • English Word Avowance Definition Upholding; defense; vindication.
  • English Word Avowant Definition The defendant in replevin, who avows the distress of the goods, and justifies the taking.
  • English Word Avowed Definition of Avow