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  • English Word Sable Definition A mourning garment; a funeral robe; -- generally in the plural.
  • English Word Sable Definition The tincture black; -- represented by vertical and horizontal lines crossing each other.
  • English Word Sable Definition Of the color of the sable's fur; dark; black; -- used chiefly in poetry.
  • English Word Sable Definition To render sable or dark; to drape darkly or in black.
  • English Word Sabled Definition of Sable
  • English Word Sabling Definition of Sable
  • English Word Sabot Definition A kind of wooden shoe worn by the peasantry in France, Belgium, Sweden, and some other European countries.
  • English Word Sabot Definition A thick, circular disk of wood, to which the cartridge bag and projectile are attached, in fixed ammunition for cannon; also, a piece of soft metal attached to a projectile to take the groove of the rifling.
  • English Word Sabotiere Definition A kind of freezer for ices.
  • English Word Sabre Definition A sword with a broad and heavy blade, thick at the back, and usually more or less curved like a scimiter; a cavalry sword.
  • English Word Sabre Definition To strike, cut, or kill with a saber; to cut down, as with a saber.
  • English Word Sabre Definition See Saber.
  • English Word Sabrebill Definition The curlew.
  • English Word Sabred Definition of Sabre
  • English Word Sabretasche Definition A leather case or pocket worn by cavalry at the left side, suspended from the sword belt.
  • English Word Sabrina work Definition A variety of applique work for quilts, table covers, etc.
  • English Word Sabring Definition of Sabre
  • English Word Sabulose Definition Growing in sandy places.
  • English Word Sabulosity Definition The quality of being sabulous; sandiness; grittiness.
  • English Word Sabulous Definition Sandy; gritty.
  • English Word Sac Definition See Sacs.
  • English Word Sac Definition The privilege formerly enjoyed by the lord of a manor, of holding courts, trying causes, and imposing fines.
  • English Word Sac Definition See 2d Sack.
  • English Word Sac Definition A cavity, bag, or receptacle, usually containing fluid, and either closed, or opening into another cavity to the exterior; a sack.
  • English Word Sacalait Definition A kind of fresh-water bass; the crappie.
  • English Word Sacar Definition See Saker.
  • English Word Saccade Definition A sudden, violent check of a horse by drawing or twitching the reins on a sudden and with one pull.
  • English Word Saccate Definition Having the form of a sack or pouch; furnished with a sack or pouch, as a petal.
  • English Word Saccate Definition Of or pertaining to the Saccata, a suborder of ctenophores having two pouches into which the long tentacles can be retracted.
  • English Word Saccharate Definition In a wider sense, a compound of saccharose, or any similar carbohydrate, with such bases as the oxides of calcium, barium, or lead; a sucrate.