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  • English Word Padrone Definition The master of a small coaster in the Mediterranean.
  • English Word Padrone Definition A man who imports, and controls the earnings of, Italian laborers, street musicians, etc.
  • English Word Padrones Definition of Padrone
  • English Word Padroni Definition of Padrone
  • English Word Paduasoy Definition A rich and heavy silk stuff.
  • English Word Paducahs Definition See Comanches.
  • English Word Paean Definition Any loud and joyous song; a song of triumph.
  • English Word Paean Definition See Paeon.
  • English Word Paean Definition An ancient Greek hymn in honor of Apollo as a healing deity, and, later, a song addressed to other deities.
  • English Word Paedobaptism Definition Pedobaptism.
  • English Word Paedogenesis Definition Reproduction by young or larval animals.
  • English Word Paedogenetic Definition Producing young while in the immature or larval state; -- said of certain insects, etc.
  • English Word Paeon Definition A foot of four syllables, one long and three short, admitting of four combinations, according to the place of the long syllable.
  • English Word Paeonine Definition An artifical red nitrogenous dyestuff, called also red coralline.
  • English Word Paeony Definition See Peony.
  • English Word Pagan Definition One who worships false gods; an idolater; a heathen; one who is neither a Christian, a Mohammedan, nor a Jew.
  • English Word Pagan Definition Of or pertaining to pagans; relating to the worship or the worshipers of false goods; heathen; idolatrous, as, pagan tribes or superstitions.
  • English Word Pagandom Definition The pagan lands; pagans, collectively; paganism.
  • English Word Paganic Definition Alt. of Paganical
  • English Word Paganical Definition Of or pertaining to pagans or paganism; heathenish; paganish.
  • English Word Paganish Definition Of or pertaining to pagans; heathenish.
  • English Word Paganism Definition The state of being pagan; pagan characteristics; esp., the worship of idols or false gods, or the system of religious opinions and worship maintained by pagans; heathenism.
  • English Word Paganity Definition The state of being a pagan; paganism.
  • English Word Paganize Definition To render pagan or heathenish; to convert to paganism.
  • English Word Paganize Definition To behave like pagans.
  • English Word Paganized Definition of Paganize
  • English Word Paganizing Definition of Paganize
  • English Word Paganly Definition In a pagan manner.
  • English Word Page Definition A serving boy; formerly, a youth attending a person of high degree, especially at courts, as a position of honor and education; now commonly, in England, a youth employed for doing errands, waiting on the door, and similar service in households; in the United States, a boy employed to wait upon the members of a legislative body.
  • English Word Page Definition To attend (one) as a page.