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  • English Word Jambee Definition A fashionable cane.
  • English Word Jambes Definition Alt. of Jambeux
  • English Word Jambeux Definition In the Middle Ages, armor for the legs below the knees.
  • English Word Jambolana Definition A myrtaceous tree of the West Indies and tropical America (Calyptranthes Jambolana), with astringent bark, used for dyeing. It bears an edible fruit.
  • English Word Jamdani Definition A silk fabric, with a woven pattern of sprigs of flowers.
  • English Word James's powder Definition Antimonial powder, first prepared by Dr. James, ar English physician; -- called also fever powder.
  • English Word Jamesonite Definition A steel-gray mineral, of metallic luster, commonly fibrous massive. It is a sulphide of antimony and lead, with a little iron.
  • English Word Jamestown weed Definition The poisonous thorn apple or stramonium (Datura stramonium), a rank weed early noticed at Jamestown, Virginia. See Datura.
  • English Word Jammed Definition of Jam
  • English Word Jamming Definition of Jam
  • English Word Jan Definition One of intermediate order between angels and men.
  • English Word Jane Definition A coin of Genoa; any small coin.
  • English Word Jane Definition A kind of twilled cotton cloth. See Jean.
  • English Word Jane-of-apes Definition A silly, pert girl; -- corresponding to jackanapes.
  • English Word Jangle Definition To sound harshly or discordantly, as bells out of tune.
  • English Word Jangle Definition To talk idly; to prate; to babble; to chatter; to gossip.
  • English Word Jangle Definition To quarrel in words; to altercate; to wrangle.
  • English Word Jangle Definition To cause to sound harshly or inharmoniously; to produce discordant sounds with.
  • English Word Jangle Definition Idle talk; prate; chatter; babble.
  • English Word Jangle Definition Discordant sound; wrangling.
  • English Word Jangled Definition of Jangle
  • English Word Jangler Definition An idle talker; a babbler; a prater.
  • English Word Jangler Definition A wrangling, noisy fellow.
  • English Word Jangleress Definition A female prater or babbler.
  • English Word Janglery Definition Jangling.
  • English Word Jangling Definition of Jangle
  • English Word Jangling Definition Wrangling; altercation.
  • English Word Jangling Definition Idle babbling; vain disputation.
  • English Word Jangling Definition Producing discordant sounds.
  • English Word Janissary Definition See Janizary.