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  • English Word Facility Definition Ease in performance; readiness proceeding from skill or use; dexterity; as, practice gives a wonderful facility in executing works of art.
  • English Word Facility Definition Easiness to be persuaded; readiness or compliance; -- usually in a bad sense; pliancy.
  • English Word Facility Definition Easiness of access; complaisance; affability.
  • English Word Facility Definition That which promotes the ease of any action or course of conduct; advantage; aid; assistance; -- usually in the plural; as, special facilities for study.
  • English Word Facing Definition of Face
  • English Word Facing Definition A covering in front, for ornament or other purpose; an exterior covering or sheathing; as, the facing of an earthen slope, sea wall, etc. , to strengthen it or to protect or adorn the exposed surface.
  • English Word Facing Definition A lining placed near the edge of a garment for ornament or protection.
  • English Word Facing Definition The finishing of any face of a wall with material different from that of which it is chiefly composed, or the coating or material so used.
  • English Word Facing Definition A powdered substance, as charcoal, bituminous coal, ect., applied to the face of a mold, or mixed with the sand that forms it, to give a fine smooth surface to the casting.
  • English Word Facing Definition The collar and cuffs of a military coat; -- commonly of a color different from that of the coat.
  • English Word Facing Definition The movement of soldiers by turning on their heels to the right, left, or about; -- chiefly in the pl.
  • English Word Facingly Definition In a facing manner or position.
  • English Word Facinorous Definition Atrociously wicked.
  • English Word Facound Definition Speech; eloquence.
  • English Word Facsimile Definition A copy of anything made, either so as to be deceptive or so as to give every part and detail of the original; an exact copy or likeness.
  • English Word Facsimile Definition To make a facsimile of.
  • English Word Facsimiles Definition of Facsimile
  • English Word Fact Definition A doing, making, or preparing.
  • English Word Fact Definition An effect produced or achieved; anything done or that comes to pass; an act; an event; a circumstance.
  • English Word Fact Definition Reality; actuality; truth; as, he, in fact, excelled all the rest; the fact is, he was beaten.
  • English Word Fact Definition The assertion or statement of a thing done or existing; sometimes, even when false, improperly put, by a transfer of meaning, for the thing done, or supposed to be done; a thing supposed or asserted to be done; as, history abounds with false facts.
  • English Word Facta Definition of Factum
  • English Word Faction Definition One of the divisions or parties of charioteers (distinguished by their colors) in the games of the circus.
  • English Word Faction Definition A party, in political society, combined or acting in union, in opposition to the government, or state; -- usually applied to a minority, but it may be applied to a majority; a combination or clique of partisans of any kind, acting for their own interests, especially if greedy, clamorous, and reckless of the common good.
  • English Word Faction Definition Tumult; discord; dissension.
  • English Word Factionary Definition Belonging to a faction; being a partisan; taking sides.
  • English Word Factioner Definition One of a faction.
  • English Word Factionist Definition One who promotes faction.
  • English Word Factious Definition Pertaining to faction; proceeding from faction; indicating, or characterized by, faction; -- said of acts or expressions; as, factious quarrels.
  • English Word Factious Definition Given to faction; addicted to form parties and raise dissensions, in opposition to government or the common good; turbulent; seditious; prone to clamor against public measures or men; -- said of persons.