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  • English Word Two Definition A symbol representing two units, as 2, II., or ii.
  • English Word Two-capsuled Definition Having two distinct capsules; bicapsular.
  • English Word Two-cleft Definition Divided about half way from the border to the base into two segments; bifid.
  • English Word Two-decker Definition A vessel of war carrying guns on two decks.
  • English Word Two-edged Definition Having two edges, or edges on both sides; as, a two-edged sword.
  • English Word Two-foot Definition Measuring two feet; two feet long, thick, or wide; as, a two-foot rule.
  • English Word Two-forked Definition Divided into two parts, somewhat after the manner of a fork; dichotomous.
  • English Word Two-hand Definition Employing two hands; as, the two-hand alphabet. See Dactylology.
  • English Word Two-handed Definition Having two hands; -- often used as an epithet equivalent to large, stout, strong, or powerful.
  • English Word Two-handed Definition Used with both hands; as, a two-handed sword.
  • English Word Two-handed Definition Using either hand equally well; ambidextrous.
  • English Word Two-lipped Definition Having two lips.
  • English Word Two-lipped Definition Divided in such a manner as to resemble the two lips when the mouth is more or less open; bilabiate.
  • English Word Two-parted Definition Divided from the border to the base into two distinct parts; bipartite.
  • English Word Two-ply Definition Consisting of two thicknesses, as cloth; double.
  • English Word Two-ply Definition Woven double, as cloth or carpeting, by incorporating two sets of warp thread and two of weft.
  • English Word Two-ranked Definition Alternately disposed on exactly opposite sides of the stem so as to from two ranks; distichous.
  • English Word Two-sided Definition Having two sides only; hence, double-faced; hypocritical.
  • English Word Two-sided Definition Symmetrical.
  • English Word Two-tongued Definition Double-tongued; deceitful.
  • English Word Twofold Definition Double; duplicate; multiplied by two; as, a twofold nature; a twofold sense; a twofold argument.
  • English Word Twofold Definition In a double degree; doubly.
  • English Word Twopence Definition A small coin, and money of account, in England, equivalent to two pennies, -- minted to a fixed annual amount, for almsgiving by the sovereign on Maundy Thursday.
  • English Word Twopenny Definition Of the value of twopence.
  • English Word Twyblade Definition See Twayblade.
  • English Word Ty-all Definition Something serving to tie or secure.
  • English Word Tyburn ticket Definition A certificate given to one who prosecutes a felon to conviction, exempting him from certain parish and ward offices.
  • English Word Tychonic Definition Of or pertaining to Tycho Brahe, or his system of astronomy.
  • English Word Tycoon Definition The title by which the shogun, or former commander in chief of the Japanese army, was known to foreigners.
  • English Word Tydy Definition Same as Tidy.