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  • English Word Taen Definition Alt. of Ta'en
  • English Word Taenia Definition A genus of intestinal worms which includes the common tapeworms of man. See Tapeworm.
  • English Word Taenia Definition A band; a structural line; -- applied to several bands and lines of nervous matter in the brain.
  • English Word Taenia Definition The fillet, or band, at the bottom of a Doric frieze, separating it from the architrave.
  • English Word Taeniada Definition Same as Taenioidea.
  • English Word Taeniae Definition of Taenia
  • English Word Taeniata Definition A division of Ctenophora including those which have a long, ribbonlike body. The Venus's girdle is the most familiar example.
  • English Word Taenidia Definition of Taenidium
  • English Word Taenidium Definition The chitinous fiber forming the spiral thread of the tracheae of insects. See Illust. of Trachea.
  • English Word Taenioglossa Definition An extensive division of gastropod mollusks in which the odontophore is long and narrow, and usually bears seven rows of teeth. It includes a large number of families both marine and fresh-water.
  • English Word Taenioglossate Definition Of or pertaining to the Taenioglossa.
  • English Word Taenioid Definition Ribbonlike; shaped like a ribbon.
  • English Word Taenioid Definition Like or pertaining to Taenia.
  • English Word Taenioidea Definition The division of cestode worms which comprises the tapeworms. See Tapeworm.
  • English Word Taeniola Definition One of the radial partitions which separate the internal cavities of certain medusae.
  • English Word Taeniolae Definition of Taeniola
  • English Word Taeniosomi Definition An order of fishes remarkable for their long and compressed form. The ribbon fishes are examples. See Ribbon fish, under Ribbon.
  • English Word Tafferer Definition See Taffrail.
  • English Word Taffeta Definition Alt. of Taffety
  • English Word Taffety Definition A fine, smooth stuff of silk, having usually the wavy luster called watering. The term has also been applied to different kinds of silk goods, from the 16th century to modern times.
  • English Word Taffrail Definition The upper part of a ship's stern, which is flat like a table on the top, and sometimes ornamented with carved work; the rail around a ship's stern.
  • English Word Taffy Definition A kind of candy made of molasses or brown sugar boiled down and poured out in shallow pans.
  • English Word Taffy Definition Flattery; soft phrases.
  • English Word Tafia Definition A variety of rum.
  • English Word Tag Definition Any slight appendage, as to an article of dress; something slight hanging loosely; specifically, a direction card, or label.
  • English Word Tag Definition A metallic binding, tube, or point, at the end of a string, or lace, to stiffen it.
  • English Word Tag Definition The end, or catchword, of an actor's speech; cue.
  • English Word Tag Definition Something mean and paltry; the rabble.
  • English Word Tag Definition A sheep of the first year.
  • English Word Tag Definition A sale of usually used items (such as furniture, clothing, household items or bric-a-brac), conducted by one or a small group of individuals, at a location which is not a normal retail establishment.