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  • English Word Madegassy Definition See Madecassee.
  • English Word Madeira Definition A rich wine made on the Island of Madeira.
  • English Word Mademoiselle Definition A French title of courtesy given to a girl or an unmarried lady, equivalent to the English Miss.
  • English Word Mademoiselle Definition A marine food fish (Sciaena chrysura), of the Southern United States; -- called also yellowtail, and silver perch.
  • English Word Madge Definition The barn owl.
  • English Word Madge Definition The magpie.
  • English Word Madhouse Definition A house where insane persons are confined; an insane asylum; a bedlam.
  • English Word Madia Definition A genus of composite plants, of which one species (Madia sativa) is cultivated for the oil yielded from its seeds by pressure. This oil is sometimes used instead of olive oil for the table.
  • English Word Madid Definition Wet; moist; as, a madid eye.
  • English Word Madisterium Definition An instrument to extract hairs.
  • English Word Madjoun Definition An intoxicating confection from the hemp plant; -- used by the Turks and Hindoos.
  • English Word Madly Definition In a mad manner; without reason or understanding; wildly.
  • English Word Madman Definition A man who is mad; lunatic; a crazy person.
  • English Word Madmen Definition of Madman
  • English Word Madnep Definition The masterwort (Peucedanum Ostruthium).
  • English Word Madness Definition The condition of being mad; insanity; lunacy.
  • English Word Madness Definition Frenzy; ungovernable rage; extreme folly.
  • English Word Madonna Definition My lady; -- a term of address in Italian formerly used as the equivalent of Madame, but for which Signora is now substituted. Sometimes introduced into English.
  • English Word Madonna Definition A picture of the Virgin Mary (usually with the babe).
  • English Word Madoqua Definition A small Abyssinian antelope (Neotragus Saltiana), about the size of a hare.
  • English Word Madrague Definition A large fish pound used for the capture of the tunny in the Mediterranean; also applied to the seines used for the same purpose.
  • English Word Madreperl Definition Mother-of-pearl.
  • English Word Madrepora Definition A genus of reef corals abundant in tropical seas. It includes than one hundred and fifty species, most of which are elegantly branched.
  • English Word Madreporaria Definition An extensive division of Anthozoa, including most of the species that produce stony corals. See Illust. of Anthozoa.
  • English Word Madrepore Definition Any coral of the genus Madrepora; formerly, often applied to any stony coral.
  • English Word Madreporian Definition Alt. of Madreporic
  • English Word Madreporic Definition Resembling, or pertaining to, the genus Madrepora.
  • English Word Madreporiform Definition Resembling a madreporian coral in form or structure.
  • English Word Madreporite Definition A fossil coral.
  • English Word Madreporite Definition The madreporic plate of echinoderms.