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  • English Word Lurk Definition To keep out of sight.
  • English Word Lurked Definition of Lurk
  • English Word Lurker Definition One who lurks.
  • English Word Lurker Definition A small fishing boat.
  • English Word Lurking Definition of Lurk
  • English Word Lurry Definition A confused heap; a throng, as of persons; a jumble, as of sounds.
  • English Word Luscious Definition Sweet; delicious; very grateful to the taste; toothsome; excessively sweet or rich.
  • English Word Luscious Definition Cloying; fulsome.
  • English Word Luscious Definition Gratifying a depraved sense; obscene.
  • English Word Lusern Definition A lynx. See 1st Lucern and Loup-cervier.
  • English Word Lush Definition Full of juice or succulence.
  • English Word Lushburg Definition See Lussheburgh.
  • English Word Lusitanian Definition Pertaining to Lusitania, the ancient name of the region almost coinciding with Portugal.
  • English Word Lusitanian Definition One of the people of Lusitania.
  • English Word Lusk Definition Lazy; slothful.
  • English Word Lusk Definition A lazy fellow; a lubber.
  • English Word Lusk Definition To be idle or unemployed.
  • English Word Luskish Definition Inclined to be lazy.
  • English Word Lusorious Definition Alt. of Lusory
  • English Word Lusory Definition Used in play; sportive; playful.
  • English Word Lussheburgh Definition A spurious coin of light weight imported into England from Luxemburg, or Lussheburgh, as it was formerly called.
  • English Word Lust Definition Pleasure.
  • English Word Lust Definition Inclination; desire.
  • English Word Lust Definition Longing desire; eagerness to possess or enjoy; -- in a had sense; as, the lust of gain.
  • English Word Lust Definition Licentious craving; sexual appetite.
  • English Word Lust Definition Hence: Virility; vigor; active power.
  • English Word Lust Definition To list; to like.
  • English Word Lust Definition To have an eager, passionate, and especially an inordinate or sinful desire, as for the gratification of the sexual appetite or of covetousness; -- often with after.
  • English Word Lusted Definition of Lust
  • English Word Luster Definition One who lusts.