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  • English Word Tye Definition A knot; a tie.
  • English Word Tye Definition A chain or rope, one end of which passes through the mast, and is made fast to the center of a yard; the other end is attached to a tackle, by means of which the yard is hoisted or lowered.
  • English Word Tye Definition A trough for washing ores.
  • English Word Tye Definition See Tie, the proper orthography.
  • English Word Tyer Definition One who ties, or unites.
  • English Word Tyfoon Definition See Typhoon.
  • English Word Tyger Definition A tiger.
  • English Word Tying Definition of Tie
  • English Word Tying Definition p. pr. of Tie.
  • English Word Tying Definition The act or process of washing ores in a buddle.
  • English Word Tyke Definition See 2d Tike.
  • English Word Tylari Definition of Tylarus
  • English Word Tylarus Definition One of the pads on the under surface of the toes of birds.
  • English Word Tyler Definition See 2d Tiler.
  • English Word Tylopoda Definition A tribe of ungulates comprising the camels.
  • English Word Tyloses Definition of Tylosis
  • English Word Tylosis Definition An intrusion of one vegetable cell into the cavity of another, sometimes forming there an irregular mass of cells.
  • English Word Tymbal Definition A kind of kettledrum.
  • English Word Tymp Definition A hollow water-cooled iron casting in the upper part of the archway in which the dam stands.
  • English Word Tympan Definition A drum.
  • English Word Tympan Definition A panel; a tympanum.
  • English Word Tympan Definition A frame covered with parchment or cloth, on which the blank sheets are put, in order to be laid on the form to be impressed.
  • English Word Tympana Definition of Tympanum
  • English Word Tympanal Definition Tympanic.
  • English Word Tympani Definition of Tympano
  • English Word Tympanic Definition Like a tympanum or drum; acting like a drumhead; as, a tympanic membrane.
  • English Word Tympanic Definition Of or pertaining to the tympanum.
  • English Word Tympanic Definition The tympanic bone.
  • English Word Tympanist Definition One who beats a drum.
  • English Word Tympanites Definition A flatulent distention of the belly; tympany.