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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word তদেকEnglish definition[তদ্‌ + এক] (adjective) 1 one identical With him/her: তদেকচিত্ত. 2 no other: তদেকশরণ.
  • Bengali Word তদ্English definition(rare), তৎ (pronoun) he; she. 2 (according to Hindu idea) Brahma.
  • Bengali Word তদ্দণ্ডেEnglish definition[তৎ + দণ্ডে] (adverb) at that very moment; immediately; at once; forthwith.
  • Bengali Word তদ্দরুনEnglish definition[তৎ + দরুন] (adverb) because of that; on account of that; on that account.
  • Bengali Word তদ্দিনEnglish definition[তৎ + দিন] (adverb) for those days.
  • Bengali Word তদ্দ্বারাEnglish definition[তৎ + দ্বারা] (pronoun), (adverb) by him/ her/ it.
  • Bengali Word তদ্ধিতEnglish definition[তৎ + হিত] (noun) (grammar) any of the inflexions or suffixes added to nouns, pronouns and objectives; secondary suffix; nominal inflexion: কাঠ + উরিয়া = কাঠুরিয়া. তদ্ধিতান্ত পদ (noun) derivative from a noun, pronoun or adjective.
  • Bengali Word তদ্বাচকEnglish definition[তদ্‌ + বাচক] (adjective) signifying or indicating that.
  • Bengali Word তদ্বিধEnglish definition[তৎ + বিধ ] (adjective) of that sort/kind.
  • Bengali Word তদ্বিধায়English definition[তদ্‌ + বিধায়] (adverb) owing to/on account of that; because of it.
  • Bengali Word তদ্বিরEnglish definition= তদবির
  • Bengali Word তদ্বিষয়কEnglish definition[তদ্‌ + বিষয়ক] (adjective) relating to that; concerning that subject. তদ্বিষয়ে (adverb) regarding/ as regards that subject.
  • Bengali Word তদ্ব্যতিরিক্ত, তদ্ব্যতীতEnglish definition[ তদ্ + বি + অতিরিক্ত, অতীত] (adjective), (adverb) with the exception of that; over and above that; besides or in addition to that.
  • Bengali Word তদ্বৎEnglish definition[তৎ + বৎ] (adjective), (adverb) like/ similar/ comparable to him, her or that.
  • Bengali Word তদ্ভবEnglish definition[তদ্‌ + ভব] (adjective)1 born of that. 2 descended or derived from Aryan. তদ্ভব শব্দ (grammar) Bengali word derived from Aryan language.
  • Bengali Word তদ্ভাবEnglish definition[তদ্‌ + ভাব] (noun) 1 the nature/ state/ condition/sentiment of his or her own. 2 thought or feeling about that. 3 that state/condition. তদ্ভাবাপন্ন (adjective) having that feeling or sentiment. তদ্ভাবে (adverb) in that state or condition; in that way/manner.
  • Bengali Word তদ্ভিন্নEnglish definition= তদ্ব্যতীত
  • Bengali Word তদ্রূপEnglish definition[তৎ + রূপ] (adjective) of that form/ kind/ description; like that; such. (adverb) so; similarly; in that manner: তদ্রূপ কিছু, anything like that. তদ্রূপে = তদ্রূপ (adverb).
  • Bengali Word তদ্‌গতEnglish definition[তৎ + গত] (adjective) absorbed or engrossed in him/her/it; inseparable or inalienable from him/ her/ that. তদ্‌গতচিত্ত (adjective) rapt in attention; very attentive; engrossed. তদ্‌গতচিত্তে (adverb) with highly concentrated mind; with rapt attention; with intent and undivided mind.
  • Bengali Word তনকা, তনখাEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) 1 money. 2 salary; wage; remuneration.
  • Bengali Word তনিমাEnglish definition(noun) graceful slimness (of the body); subtlety.
  • Bengali Word তনু, তনূEnglish definition(noun) the body. (adjective) delicately slim; graceful; lovely: তনুদেহ. তনুচ্ছদ (noun) an armour; a mail. তনুজ (noun) a son.. তনুজা (noun) daughter. তনুতা (noun) 1 graceful slimness; fineness. 2 leanness; delicacy; slimness. তনু ত্যাগ (noun) ending of life; death; demise. তনু ত্যাগ করা (verb intransitive) die. তনুত্র, তনুত্রাণ = তনুচ্ছদ. তনুমধ্যা (adjective) of a slender waist. (noun) a woman with a slender waist. তনুরুচি (noun) physical beauty or grace. তনুরুহ (noun) 1 hair (of the body and not of the head). 2 a feather (of a bird). 3 offspring; children. তনুল (adjective) spread out; outspread. তনুদ্ভব (noun) that which/one who is born or produced from the body; son. তনুদ্ভবা daughter. তনুনপাৎ (noun) fire.
  • Bengali Word তন্তুEnglish definition(noun) 1 thread. 2 fibre. 3 handloom. তন্তুকীট (noun) the silk worm; the caterpillar. তন্তুনাভ (noun) the spider. তন্তুবায় (noun) a weaver. তন্তুমূল (noun) a fibrous root. তন্তুশালা (noun) a weaver's workshop. তন্তুসার (noun) a tree with fibrous root; a betel-nut tree. (adjective) reduced to skin and bone; very lean and thin.
  • Bengali Word তন্ত্রEnglish definition(noun) 1 a scripture containing Tantras or rules of austere religious practices as that of the Shaktas (শাক্ত). 2 a section or branch of the Vedas. 3 a system of government: প্রজাতন্ত্র, শাসনতন্ত্র. 4 a branch of science: চিকিৎসাতন্ত্র. 5 opinion; belief; doctrine: বস্তুতন্ত্র, জড়তন্ত্র. 6 esoteric and mystical charms and incantation: মন্ত্রতন্ত্র. 7 a handloom: তন্ত্রবায়. 8 intestines of animals: পশুরতন্ত্র. 9 the string of a musical instrument: বীণাতন্ত্র. 10 a section; a chapter: পঞ্চতন্ত্র. তন্ত্রধার, তন্ত্রধারক (noun) an assistant priest who recites from the scriptures at a Hindu religious service. তন্ত্রবাপ (noun) a weaver. তন্ত্রমন্ত্র (noun) charms and incantations; text of the Tantra. তন্ত্রসার (noun) digest of religious service or Tantras.
  • Bengali Word তন্ত্রী ১English definition(noun) 1 the string of a musical instrument: মনের বীণার সহস্র তন্ত্রীতে সুরের স্পন্দন জাগছে. 2 a stringed musical instrument.
  • Bengali Word তন্ত্রী ২English definition(adjective) 1 fitted with strings; stringed: তন্ত্রী বাদ্যযন্ত্র. 2 belonging to a religious order: শৈবতন্ত্রী.
  • Bengali Word তন্দুরEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) a baking oven; a covered furnace.
  • Bengali Word তন্দুরস্তEnglish definition[Persian] (adjective) free from disease or illness; hale; healthy.
  • Bengali Word তন্দুরস্তিEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) soundness of body; healthiness; freedom from disease.
  • Bengali Word তন্দ্রাEnglish definition(noun) drowsiness; sleepiness; stupor. তন্দ্রাগত, তন্দ্রাভিভূত (adjective) slumbering; overcome with sleep. তন্দ্রাগত/ তন্দ্রাভিভূত হওয়া slumber; drowse; be asleep. তন্দ্রাবেশ (noun) drowsiness; sleepiness; catnap. তন্দ্রালু (adjective) drowsy; sleepy. তন্দ্রালু হওয়া (verb intransitive) feel sleepy; drowse. তন্দ্রিত (adjective) slumbering; drowsing.