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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word তথ্যEnglish definition(noun) 1 genuineness; authenticity; reality; truth; justness; actual state of affairs: তথ্যানুসন্ধান. 2 facts; data: বৈজ্ঞানিক তথ্য. 3 information. (adjective) undisputed; real; true; unanimous; universal: তথ্য বচন. তথ্যজ্ঞান (noun) knowledge of truth/facts; true or accurate knowledge. তথ্য নিরূপণ/নির্ণয় (noun) determination of truth; ascertainment of facts. তথ্যবাদী/ভাষী (adjective) truthful. তথ্যবাহী (adjective) informative.
  • Bengali Word তথ্যানুসন্ধানEnglish definition[তথ্য + অনুসন্ধান] (noun) search after accurate knowledge/ correct information.
  • Bengali Word তদতিরিক্তEnglish definition[তৎ + অতিরিক্ত ] (adjective) more than/beyond that; besides that.
  • Bengali Word তদনন্তরEnglish definition[তৎ + অনন্তর] (adverb) after that; thereafter.
  • Bengali Word তদনুগEnglish definition[তৎ + অনুগ] (adjective) following him/her/that.
  • Bengali Word তদনুগামীEnglish definition= তদনুগ
  • Bengali Word তদনুপাতেEnglish definition[তৎ + অনুপাতে] (adverb) in proportion to that; proportionately.
  • Bengali Word তদনুবর্তীEnglish definition= তদনুগ
  • Bengali Word তদনুযায়ীEnglish definition[তৎ + অনুযায়ী ] (adjective) following or like that. (adverb) according to that; accordingly.
  • Bengali Word তদনুরূপEnglish definition[তৎ + অনুরূপ] (adjective) similar to that; such; like.
  • Bengali Word তদনুসারীEnglish definition[ তৎ + অনুসারী] (adjective) following/like that.
  • Bengali Word তদনুসারেEnglish definition[তৎ + অনুসারে] (adverb) according to that; accordingly; agreeably.
  • Bengali Word তদন্তEnglish definition[তৎ + অন্ত] (noun) careful and thorough inquiry; investigation. তদন্ত করা (verb transitive) investigate. তদন্তকারী (noun) one who investigates; an investigator.
  • Bengali Word তদন্যEnglish definition[তদ্ + অন্য] (adjective) other than that; different/ apart from that.
  • Bengali Word তদবধিEnglish definition[তদ্‌ + অবধি] (adverb) 1 since then; ever since; from then onwards. 2 till then.
  • Bengali Word তদবস্থEnglish definition[তদ্‌ + অবস্থা] (adjective) in that condition/state/ position. তদবস্থা (noun) that state; the former or previous condition. তদবস্থায় (adverb) in that condition/state.
  • Bengali Word তদবিরEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 act of taking necessary action; act of doing the needful to achieve an end; effort; endeavour: মামলার তদবির. 2 remedy; redress; prevention; counteraction. 3 management; supervision; looking after. 4 effort; endeavour: চাকুরির তদবির. তদবির করা (verb transitive) take necessary steps for; look after; strive after; endeavour. তদবিরকারক (adjective) one who takes necessary steps/ makes necessary efforts.
  • Bengali Word তদর্থEnglish definition[তৎ+ অর্থ] (adverb) for that; for the sake of that. (noun) the meaning of that. তদর্থক (adjective), (adverb) ad hoc arranged for that purpose; informal. তদর্থে (adverb) in that meaning/sense; for that purpose; for the sake of that.
  • Bengali Word তদাEnglish definition(adverb), (conjunction) at that time; in that age; then.
  • Bengali Word তদাকারEnglish definition[তৎ + আকার] (adjective) of that shape/ form.
  • Bengali Word তদাত্মাEnglish definition[ তদ্‌ + আত্মা] (adjective) having the same soul as his or her; identical with him/her.
  • Bengali Word তদানীংEnglish definition(adverb) at that time; in that age/those days; then.
  • Bengali Word তদানীন্তনEnglish definition(adjective) of that time/age; the then: তদানীন্তন সরকার.
  • Bengali Word তদারকEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 investigation; inquiry. 2 supervision; superintendence; looking after; management: সম্পত্তির তদারক, স্বাস্থ্যের তদারক. তদারক করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) investigate; look after; take care, supervise. তদারকি (noun) investigation; taking care; supervision.
  • Bengali Word তদীয়English definition(adjective) of him/her/it/that.
  • Bengali Word তদুত্তরেEnglish definition[তদ্‌ + উত্তরে] (adverb) in reply to that.
  • Bengali Word তদুপযুক্ত, তদুপযোগীEnglish definition[ তদ্‌ + উপযুক্ত, উপযোগী] (adjective) befitting that; proportionate/ suitable to that.
  • Bengali Word তদুপরিEnglish definition[তদ্‌ + উপরি] (adverb) upon this/that; over and above that; besides that; in addition.
  • Bengali Word তদুপলক্ষে, তদুপলক্ষ্যেEnglish definition[ তদ্‌ + উপলক্ষে] (adverb) on that occasion; on account of that.
  • Bengali Word তদূর্ধ্বেEnglish definition[তদ্‌ + ঊর্ধ্বে ] (adverb) high over that; on the top of it; beyond; over and above that.