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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word তন্নতন্নEnglish definition[তৎ + ন, তৎ + ন] (adjective) thorough; minute: তন্নতন্ন করে খোঁজা, search thoroughly; ransack; rummage; comb.
  • Bengali Word তন্নিবন্ধনEnglish definition[ তৎ + নিবন্ধন] (adverb) on account of that; for that reason.
  • Bengali Word তন্মধ্যেEnglish definition[তৎ + মধ্যে] (adverb) within that; in the midst of that; among them.
  • Bengali Word তন্মনEnglish definition(adjective) in an absorbed state of mind; single-minded.
  • Bengali Word তন্মনা, তন্মনাঃ, তন্মনস্কEnglish definition(adjective) having the mind set on that; intent on that; preoccupied.
  • Bengali Word তন্মাত্রEnglish definition[তৎ + মাত্র] (pronoun) that much; only that: তন্মাত্র বস্তু. (adverb) only to that extent/degree: তন্মাত্র দেখেছি.
  • Bengali Word তন্ময়English definition(adjective) quite lost/absorbed in that. তন্ময় হয়ে (adverb) being quite absorbed in that. তন্ময়তা (noun) rapt attention; absorption.
  • Bengali Word তনয়English definition(noun) a son; a male offspring. তনয় বৎসল (adjective) affectionate to sons. তনয় বাৎসল্য (noun) fondness for one’s children; filial affection. তনয়া (noun) (feminine) daughter.
  • Bengali Word তপ ১English definition(noun) 1 sun. 2 the summer season. (adjective) that gives heat.
  • Bengali Word তপ ২, তপঃEnglish definition(in compounds) (noun) practice of ascetic austerities; religious austerity; meditation; austere devotion. তপকর (adjective) one who practises ascetic austerities. তপক্লেশ (noun) physical suffering caused by the practice of religious austerities. তপপ্রভাব (noun) power derived from meditation; spiritual force acquired by austere devotion. তপসাধ্য (adjective) attainable by austere devotion; obtainable only through religious austerities and meditation. তপসিদ্ধ (adjective) accomplished by religious austerities and mediation; one having attained spiritual success through austerities and meditation.
  • Bengali Word তপতীEnglish definition(noun) 1 (mythology) wife of the sungod; shadow (personified). 2 (mythology) the daughter of the sungod. 3 the Tapti river in India.
  • Bengali Word তপনEnglish definition(noun) 1 the sun. 2 flint-glass; burning glass; sun-stone. 3 the summer season. তপন তনয় (noun) (mythology) Yama, the Hindu god of death. তপন তনয়া (noun) 1 river Jamuna. 2 the Acacia suma tree. তপনতপ্ত (adjective) heated by the sun-rays. তপন তাপন (noun) the sun rays. তপনমণি (noun) 1 the sun-stone. 2 the flint-glass.
  • Bengali Word তপনীয়English definition(adjective) requiring to be heated; that which is to be heated. (noun) gold.
  • Bengali Word তপসিEnglish definition(noun) a kind of sweet-tasting little fish; the mango fish.
  • Bengali Word তপসিলEnglish definition= তফসিল
  • Bengali Word তপস্বীEnglish definition(adjective) engaged in meditation and religious devotion; one who has forsaken domestic life and has taken to ascetism. বিড়াল তপস্বী (adjective) maintaining a show of righteousness, but in reality an unscrupulous opportunist.
  • Bengali Word তপস্যাEnglish definition(noun) divine contemplation; deep meditation; religious austerities. তপস্যা করা (verb intransitive) meditate; be absorbed in divine contemplation; practise religious austerities as a penance for a sin or to attain religious merit. তপস্যাজনিত (adjective) produced by austere devotion; proceeding from deep meditation.
  • Bengali Word তপাত্যয়English definition[তপ + অত্যয়] (noun) the rainy season.
  • Bengali Word তপাসEnglish definition(noun) act of seeking/searching/looking for.
  • Bengali Word তপোধনEnglish definition(noun) one who values religious austerity more than riches; a hermit; an ascetic.
  • Bengali Word তপোবনEnglish definition(noun) the grove of an ascetic; the forest where a hermit lives.
  • Bengali Word তপোভঙ্গEnglish definition(noun) interruption of religious devotion; break in divine contemplation.
  • Bengali Word তপ্তEnglish definition(adjective) 1 heated; hot; warm. 2 angry; enraged; agitated: তপ্ত বাক্য. 3 reddened with rage: তপ্ত আঁখি. 4 bright as molten gold: তপ্ত কাঞ্চন. তপ্ত কাঞ্চনসন্নিভ (adjective) as bright and fair as burnt gold.
  • Bengali Word তফসিরEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) annotation; explanation; elucidation; interpretation. তফসির করা (verb transitive) annotate; explain; elucidate; interpret. তফসিরকারী (noun) one who annotates the passages of books, etc; an annotator.
  • Bengali Word তফসিল, তপসিলEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) a paper containing a list or statement of details, and annexed to a larger writing, as to will, deed, etc; a schedule. তফসিলি (adjective) included in the schedule; scheduled; listed. তফসিলি সম্প্রদায় (noun) backward Hindu communities listed in the government schedule; scheduled caste.
  • Bengali Word তফাত, তফাৎEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) 1 intervening space; distance: উভয় স্থানের মধ্যে এক মাইল তফাত, the two places are a mile apart; there is a distance of one mile between the two places. 2 discrimination; distinction; difference: মানুষে মানুষে তফাত নেই, There ought not be any discrimination among men. (adjective) separate; different: যতনের খাটুনি অযতনের খাটুনি দুয়ের ফল তফাত. তফাত করা (verb transitive) remove to a distance; separate; discriminate; make a distinction. তফাত হওয়া (verb intransitive) get away; part; be separated. তফাতে থাকা (verb intransitive) keep aloof; keep one’s distance; remain at a distance. তফাত হও (interjection) be off! away with you! go hence! get you gone! go away! begone! তফাত তফাত (adverb) at a distance. তফাত দিয়ে যাওয়া give wide birth to; give one the slip; evade (one).
  • Bengali Word তব ১English definition(pronoun) (poet) your; yours; thy; thine.
  • Bengali Word তব ২English definition(adverb), (conjunction) then.
  • Bengali Word তবক ১English definition[Arabic] (noun) a stratum; a layer: তবকে তবকে ভাসন্ত মেঘ. তবকে তবকে (adverb) in layers; in strata.
  • Bengali Word তবক ২English definition[Arabic] (noun) a leaf or foil of gold or silver.