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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word তেলাকুচাEnglish definition(noun) a small cylinder-like inedible fruit of a creeping plant, which becomes red when ripe.
  • Bengali Word তেলানোEnglish definition(verb transitive) 1 besmear or anoint with oil; make oily or greasy. 2 (sarcastic) pay-artful compliments; praise excessively or servilely; flatter. তেলানি (noun) servile flattery; adulation.
  • Bengali Word তেলাপোকাEnglish definition(noun) large, dark-brown insect frequenting kitchen and places where food is kept; cockroach.
  • Bengali Word তেলিEnglish definition(noun) an oilman; a member of the Hindu caste manufacturing and selling oil.
  • Bengali Word তেলেগুEnglish definition(noun) South Indian language spoken in Andhra and Telingana region.
  • Bengali Word তেলেনাEnglish definition(noun) (music) a set of meaningless words, eg ‘তেরে নে তেরে’ which one hums before tuning up an instrument or setting to music. তেলেনা ভাঁজা (verb transitive) (verb intransitive) (figurative) dwell on irrelevant talk as a prelude to the topic in hand.
  • Bengali Word তেলেভাজাEnglish definition(noun) snacks prepared by frying in oil. (adjective) fried in oil; (figurative) turned dark brown as copper as a result of continuous or frequent exposure to the sun; sun-burnt.
  • Bengali Word তেলেসমাতEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 magic; enchantment. 2 something very strange; a prodigy or marvel; wonder: এ যে দেখি তেলেসমাত কাণ্ড. তেলেসমাতি (adjective) magical; enchanting: তেলেসমাতি কারবার.
  • Bengali Word তেলো ১English definition(noun) the crown of the head: মাথার তেলো.
  • Bengali Word তেলো ২English definition(noun) the palm (of the hand) : হাতের তেলো.
  • Bengali Word তেশিরাEnglish definition= তে
  • Bengali Word তেষট্টিEnglish definition(noun), (adjective) three and sixty; sixty-three.
  • Bengali Word তেসরাEnglish definition(noun) the third day of a month (৩রা):তেসরা জুলাই.
  • Bengali Word তেহাই ১English definition(noun) (music) tri-fold stroke on the drum before finishing the measure.
  • Bengali Word তেহাই ২English definition(noun) one-third part.
  • Bengali Word তেহারাEnglish definition(adjective) three-fold; having three strands; three-stranded.
  • Bengali Word তেড়ছাEnglish definition(adjective) crooked; oblique; slanting.
  • Bengali Word তেড়েEnglish definition(adverb) in a challenging mood; chasing wrathfully. তেড়ে ফুড়ে (adverb) running behind threateningly and offensively; chasing and threatening.
  • Bengali Word তৈজসEnglish definition(adjective) 1 relating to light or radiation. 2 made of metal. (noun) household utensils made of metal eg brass, copper, aluminium: তৈজসপত্র.
  • Bengali Word তৈরি, তৈরীEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) made; manufactured; built; constructed: সে তার নতুন তৈরি বাড়িতে উঠেছে. 2 ready for use; fit for work: তৈরি আম, ripe mango; তৈরি জামা, ready-made garment. 3 educated; trained; experienced: কাজ করার মতো লোক তৈরি হচ্ছে. 4 (sarcastic) prematurely developed; ripe before the natural time; precocious: তৈরি ছেলে. (noun) act of making/ manufacturing/constructing. তৈরি করা (verb transitive) 1 make; build; construct: ঘরবাড়ি তৈরি করা. 2 produce; create; manufacture: শিল্পদ্রব্য তৈরি করা. 3 write; compose: ছড়া তৈরি করা. 4 draw up; paint: ছবি তৈরি/নকশা তৈরি করা. 5 prepare: পড়া তৈরি করা. 6 train up; educate: কর্মী তৈরি করা.
  • Bengali Word তৈলEnglish definition= তেল. তৈলকঙ্ক, তৈলকিট্ট (noun) oil-cake. তৈল-কার (noun) an oilman; a oil-manufacturer. তৈলচক্র (noun) an oilman's grinding tree. তৈলচিত্র (noun) picture painted in oil-colours. তৈলদান (noun) (sarcastic) mean flattery. তৈলদ্রোণী (noun) a oil-can; an oil-tub. তৈলপ, তৈলপা, তৈলপায়িকা (noun) the cockroach. তৈলপক্ব (adjective) 1 fried in oil. 2 cooked with oil. 3 hardened and glazed with oil: তৈলপক্ব লাঠি. তৈলবীজ (noun) oil-seeds; mustard, linseed, etc. তৈলযন্ত্র (noun) an oil-mill. তৈল রঙ (noun) paints made by mixing colouring matter in oil.
  • Bengali Word তৈলঙ্গEnglish definition(noun) 1 a region in South India comprising modern Andhra and Telingana. 2 natives of Andhra and Telingana.
  • Bengali Word তৈলাক্তEnglish definition[তৈল + অক্ত] (adjective) smeared or anointed with oil, oily; greasy; unctuous.
  • Bengali Word তৈয়বEnglish definition[Arabic] the name of the basic article of faith in Islam, affirming that "there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad (sm) is His messenger."
  • Bengali Word তৈয়ম্মুমEnglish definition= তয়ম্মুম
  • Bengali Word তো ১English definition[Persian তহ্] (noun) a fold: শাড়ি তো করা. তো করা (verb transitive) lay in plaits; fold up.
  • Bengali Word তো ২English definition(interjection) (presently ‘তো’ is preferred to ‘ত’) 1 denoting an inquiry: যাবে তো? You are going, isn’t it? 2 indicating an assurance or certainty: এই তো টাকা এসে গেছে, Here comes the money. 3 expressing a request: একটু দেখুন তো. Would you please look to it. 4 meaning an assertion or positive declaration: আমি তো এমন কথা বলিনি, why, I haven’t said such things! 5 in the sense of 'though', 'in spite', etc: সে তো যাবে না, তবু বলে দেখো. 6 indicating uncertainty: যাই তো, তারপর বোঝা যাবে. 7 expressing doubt: হয় তো. 8 indicating certainty: তিনি তো জানেন, He knows it already. 9 meaning 'if', 'in case': বাঁচতে চাও তো. 10 indicating a reflection: সে কেরানি বই তো নয়, He is but a clerk. 11 pointing to some fact: সে তো ছেলেমানুষ, He is but a child. 12 suggesting possibility of some event: পারো তো একবার এসো, বলো তো যাব.
  • Bengali Word তোকমা, তোকমারিEnglish definition[Persian তুখ্‌ম-ই-রয়হান] (noun) the seed of the holly-hock used in poultices. তোকমা দেওয়া (verb intransitive) poultice with the seed of the hollyhock.
  • Bengali Word তোকেEnglish definition(pronoun) thee; to thee; you; to you: তোকে দিব না.
  • Bengali Word তোখড়English definition= তুখড়