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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word তোগরা, তুগরাEnglish definition[Turkish] (noun) ornamented Arabic characters; royal signature or seal.
  • Bengali Word তোটকEnglish definition(noun) a Sanskrit poetical metre.
  • Bengali Word তোতলা, তোৎলাEnglish definition(adjective) one who suffers from a defect of speech marked by involuntary repetitions of a syllable or sound; one who stammers; with a stammer; stammering. (noun) a stammerer; a stutterer. তোতলামি (noun) act or the defect of stammering. তোতলানো, তোতলামি করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) speak with a stammer; stammer; stutter.
  • Bengali Word তোতাEnglish definition[Persian তুতী] (noun) a bird which can imitate the human voice; the parrot.
  • Bengali Word তোপEnglish definition[Turkish] (noun) 1 a great gun; a cannon. 2 a gun. 3 the sound or shot of a cannon. তোপখানা (noun) a public establishment where firearms and ammunition are manufactured and stored; arsenal. তোপদাগা (verb intransitive) fire a cannon. তোপের মুখে উড়িয়ে দেওয়া (verb transitive) cannonade or batter with cannon-shot. তোপের গোলা (noun) a cannonball; cannon-shot. তোপের পাল্লা (noun) the range of a cannon. তোপচি (noun) cannoneer, cannonier.
  • Bengali Word তোপচিনিEnglish definition(noun) the tuberous root of a creeper in China and Japan; China root.
  • Bengali Word তোফা, তোহ্‌ফাEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) excellent; highly delicious; uncommon; wonderful. (noun) a gift; a presentation; a good news; a rare thing.
  • Bengali Word তোফাঙ্গাEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) a pistol.
  • Bengali Word তোবড়াEnglish definition[Persian] (adjective) having a depression or dent; sunken: তোবড়া গাল, তোবড়া বাসন. তোবড়ানো (verb intransitive) have a dent or depression; shrink; contract; wrinkle. (adjective) shrivelled; shrunken. তুবড়ে যাওয়া be depressed or dented; become shrivelled or shrunken.
  • Bengali Word তোমরাEnglish definition(pronoun) (plural) of তুমি
  • Bengali Word তোমাEnglish definition(pronoun) 1 (poet) you: তোমা হতে. 2 to you; you.
  • Bengali Word তোমাকে, তোমায়English definition(pronoun) you; to you.
  • Bengali Word তোমারEnglish definition(pronoun) your, yours.
  • Bengali Word তোরEnglish definition(pronoun) of you; your; thine; thy.
  • Bengali Word তোরঙ, তোরঙ্গEnglish definition(noun) a steel box with a hinged lid, for clothes, etc; a trunk.
  • Bengali Word তোরণEnglish definition(noun) ornamented gateway/arch; outer door; portal. তোরণ-দ্বার (noun) grand outer gateway/ archway.
  • Bengali Word তোরাEnglish definition(pronoun) (plural) you.
  • Bengali Word তোলপাড়English definition(noun) violent agitation; tossing and moving; rise and fall; commotion. তোলপাড় করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) revolve or weigh in the mind; toss and move; ponder.
  • Bengali Word তোলা ১English definition(noun) measure of weight (=160 grains).
  • Bengali Word তোলা ২English definition(noun) 1 tax in kind paid to the owner of a market; rate in kind levied in markets. (adjective) 1 set apart (for special purpose): তোলা খাবার, তোলা পোশাক. 2 raised lifted; hoisted. 3 constructed; built: নতুন তোলা বাড়ি. 4 lifted and carried from a river: তোলা পানি. 5 plucked; culled: তোলা ফুল. 6 churned: মাখন তোলা দুধ. 7 painted; engraved; moulded: পল-তোলা.
  • Bengali Word তোলা ৩English definition(verb transitive) 1 raise; lift; introduce for consideration: প্রসঙ্গ তোলা. 2 rouse; wake: ঘুম থেকে তোলা. 3 take a deep involuntary breath from drowsiness, etc; yawn: হাই তোলা. 4 pluck; cull: ফুল তোলা, শাক তোলা. 5 pull up; extract: দাঁত তোলা. 6 uproot; remove: পাকা চুল তোলা. 7 collect; raise: চাঁদা তোলা. 8 wash away; obliterate: দাগ তোলা. 9 tune up: গানের সুর তোলা. 10 take: ফটো তোলা, snap. 11 evict; eject: ভাড়াটে তোলা. 12 set up; fix: পাল তোলা. চাম তোলা (verb transitive) take the skin off; hide off; flay. ছবি তোলা (verb intransitive) (verb transitive) take a photograph; make a motion picture; film. হাই তোলা (verb intransitive) yawn. গায়ে হাত তোলা (verb transitive) assault.
  • Bengali Word তোশকEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) a mattress.
  • Bengali Word তোশাEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) valuable things or belongings. তোশাখানা (noun) a room/house in which household valuables are stored; wardrobe; vestry; store-house.
  • Bengali Word তোষণEnglish definition(noun) act of pleasing or propitiating; act of flattering/adulating; act of appeasing. তোষণ করা (verb transitive) try to appease or conciliate. তোষণনীতি (noun) policy of conciliation or appeasement.
  • Bengali Word তোষামুদেEnglish definition(adjective) hanging on obsequiously; full of flattery; flattering; adulating.
  • Bengali Word তোষামোদEnglish definition(noun) act of hanging on obsequiously; flattery; adulation; sycophancy. তোষামোদ করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) flatter; adulate; cringe (on). তোষামোদ-প্রিয় (adjective) fond of flattery/adulation.
  • Bengali Word তোষিতEnglish definition(adjective) one who has been conciliated; gratified; appeased.
  • Bengali Word তোৎলাEnglish definition= তোতলা
  • Bengali Word তোড়English definition(noun) 1 the rush of a stream; the impact of a strong current. 2 speed. 3 fluency of speech; the current of words: মুখের তোড়.
  • Bengali Word তোড়জোরEnglish definition(noun) hectic preparations or preliminary arrangement for something. তোড়জোর করা (verb transitive) make preparations for something in a hectic manner.