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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word তেজবরEnglish definition(noun) a man who has married for the third time. তেজবরে (adjective) one who has taken two wives before the present one.
  • Bengali Word তেজস্করEnglish definition(adjective) invigorating; stimulating; that gives vigour and energy.
  • Bengali Word তেজস্ক্রিয়English definition(adjective) having the quality of spontaneously and continuously emitting electronic energy, as radium, thorium, etc; radio-active. তেজস্ক্রিয়তা (noun) radio-activity.
  • Bengali Word তেজস্বান, তেজস্বীEnglish definition(adjective) 1 rich and impressive to the eye; brilliant; lustrous; splendid. 2 spirited; vigorous; mighty; energetic; strong; powerful তেজস্বী, তেজস্বিনী (feminine).
  • Bengali Word তেজাEnglish definition(verb transitive) (poet) give up; forsake; abandon; forgo; relinquish. তেজই (he) forsakes. তেজব (I) will forsake. তেজলি (he) forsook. তেজলু (I) forsake/ forsook.
  • Bengali Word তেজারতEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 trade; business. 2 money-lending business; usury. তেজারতি (noun) the practice of making loans at very high rates of interest; usury. (adjective) 1 of or pertaining to trade and commerce. 2 of usury.
  • Bengali Word তেজালোEnglish definition(adjective) 1 severe; intense; tremendous: তেজালো রোদ. 2 spirited; vigorous; strong. 3 haughty; arrogant. 4 bitterly pungent; acrid.
  • Bengali Word তেজি-মন্দিEnglish definition(noun) (commerce) fluctuation in prices of commodities in the market; rise and fall in prices; boom and slump.
  • Bengali Word তেজীEnglish definition(adjective) 1 spirited; vigorous: তেজী লোক. 2 strong; powerful: তেজী ওষুধ.
  • Bengali Word তেজীয়ানEnglish definition(adjective) highly spirited; valorous. তেজীয়সী (feminine) = তেজীয়ান.
  • Bengali Word তেজোগর্ভEnglish definition(adjective) full of spirit or energy; fiery.
  • Bengali Word তেজোমূর্তি, তেজোরূপEnglish definition(noun) man with a lustrous appearance (adjective) having a lustrous appearance.
  • Bengali Word তেজোময়English definition(adjective) 1 vigorous; energetic; spirited. 2 lustrous; luminous; shining; radiating. তেজোময়ী (feminine) = তেজোময়.
  • Bengali Word তেজোহীনEnglish definition(adjective) void of fire; spiritless; lacking in vigour and energy.
  • Bengali Word তেতাল্লিশEnglish definition(noun), (adjective) three and forty; forty-three.
  • Bengali Word তেতোEnglish definition(adjective) bitter; pungent.
  • Bengali Word তেত্রিশEnglish definition(noun), (adjective) three and thirty; thirty-three.
  • Bengali Word তেপান্তরEnglish definition[ত্রি + প্রান্তর] (noun) an extensive plain; a vast stretch of wilderness. তেপান্তরের মাঠ (noun) (generally used in folktales and legends) a boundless stretch of wilderness.
  • Bengali Word তেপায়াEnglish definition(adjective) three legged.
  • Bengali Word তেপ্পান্নEnglish definition= তিপ্পান্ন
  • Bengali Word তেমনEnglish definition(adjective) like that; similar to that; such. তেমন করে (adverb) in that way; in that manner. তেমনই, তেমনি (adjective) just like that. (adverb) in the same manner; in that way; similarly.
  • Bengali Word তেমাথাEnglish definition(noun) a meeting-place/junction of three roads.
  • Bengali Word তেমোহনাEnglish definition(noun) a junction of the mouths of three streams.
  • Bengali Word তেরEnglish definition(noun), (adjective) thirteen. তেরই (noun) the thirteenth day of a month.
  • Bengali Word তেরছাEnglish definition= তেড়ছা
  • Bengali Word তেরপল, তেরপালEnglish definition(noun) canvas covered with tar; tarpaulin.
  • Bengali Word তেরাত্তিরEnglish definition= ত্রিরাত্র
  • Bengali Word তেরেটEnglish definition(noun) a kind of tree-leaf formerly used as a writing material like the palm-leaf, but more durable than palm-leaf.
  • Bengali Word তেলEnglish definition(noun) 1 inflammable liquid drawn from vegetable, animal and mineral sources; oil. 2 (sarcastic) pride; vanity; audacity: তার তেল হয়েছে. 3 (sarcastic) servile flattery; adulation; sycophancy: কর্তার পায়ে তেল মেখে কাজ উদ্ধার করো. তেল দেওয়া (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) 1 smear or rub over with oil; lubricate; oil. 2 give or pour oil. 3 flatter; butter up. নিজের চরকায় তেল দেওয়া mind one's own business; oil one's own machine. তেল মাখা (verb intransitive) rub one's body with oil. তেল মাখানো (verb intransitive) 1 massage another's body with oil. 2 praise one falsely; flatter; adulate. তেলে বেগুনে জ্বলে ওঠা be whipped into fury; be flared up in anger. তেল-কল (noun) an oil mill. তেল-কুচকুচে, তেল-চুকচুকে (adjective) well-oiled; glossy. তেলচিট, তেলচিটে (adjective) so thickly soiled as to look greasy. তেল-পড়া (noun) charmed oil. তেল হওয়া (figurative) be arrogant/ vainglorious.
  • Bengali Word তেলাEnglish definition(adjective) oily; greasy; glossy; smooth; slippery. তেলা মাথায় তেল দেওয়া (figurative) bestow favours on an affluent person; (idiom) carry coal to Newcastle.