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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word তুসEnglish definition(noun) a kind of soft woolen cloth.
  • Bengali Word তুহিনEnglish definition(noun) snow; frost: ice; hoar-frost. (adjective) cold as snow; ice-cold: তুহিন শীতল.
  • Bengali Word তুড়িEnglish definition(noun) act or sound of snapping; a snap. তুড়ি দিয়ে/মেরে উড়ানো (verb intransitive) defeat one easily; smash the opposition without toil or trouble or in a carefree manner. তুড়ি মারা (verb intransitive) 1 snap the fingers. 2 ignore or triffle one. তুড়ি লাফ (noun) a sudden skip in delight. এক তুড়িতে (adverb) in an instant; without strain or effort; playfully.
  • Bengali Word তুড়ুকEnglish definition= তুরুপ
  • Bengali Word তূণ, তূণীরEnglish definition(noun) a case for arrows; a quiver.
  • Bengali Word তূণকEnglish definition(noun) a Sanskrit poetical metre.
  • Bengali Word তূরন্তEnglish definition(adjective) violent; forceful; impetuous: তূরন্ত দুরন্ত গতি.
  • Bengali Word তূরীEnglish definition(noun) a horn blown in ancient wars; a bugle-horn.
  • Bengali Word তূর্ণEnglish definition(adverb) quickly; swiftly; hastily. (adjective) swift; expeditious; quick: তূর্ণপত্র, express letter.
  • Bengali Word তূর্যEnglish definition(noun) 1 = তূরী. 2 a metal wind-instrument of music; a trumpet. তূর্য ধ্বনি, তূর্যনাদ (noun) the sound of a trumpet. তূর্যাচার্য [তূর্য + আচার্য] (noun) a trainer in the art of blowing a trumpet.
  • Bengali Word তূলি, তূলিকা, তূলীEnglish definition= তুলি
  • Bengali Word তৃণEnglish definition(noun) 1 herbage of the family to which belong the grain-yielding and pasture plants; grass; straw. 2 a trashy thing; a triffle: তৃণ জ্ঞানে অবহেলা করা. তৃণ জ্ঞান করা (verb transitive) treat with absolute contempt; take (one) as worthless as a straw; not to care a straw for one. তৃণ কান্তার (noun) a pasture-land. তৃণ কুটির (noun) a hut of straw; a thatched cottage; a mean hovel. তৃণগুল্ম (noun) grass and shrubs. তৃণজীবী (adjective) subsisting on herbaceous plants; herbivorous. তৃণভোজী (adjective) feeding on grass; graminivorous. তৃণময় (adjective) abounding in grass grassy. তৃণশূন্য/তৃণহীন (adjective) devoid of plants or vegetation.
  • Bengali Word তৃণাদEnglish definition(adjective) herbivorous; eating herbs.
  • Bengali Word তৃণাসনEnglish definition(noun) seat of grass.
  • Bengali Word তৃতীয়English definition(adjective) the next after the second; third being one of three equal parts. (noun) the third part of anything. তৃতীয়া (feminine) (adjective) third. (noun) the third lunar day of either fortnight; the third day of the waxing or waning moon. তৃতীয় প্রকৃতি (noun) an asexual or neuter human being; a eunuch. তৃতীয়া বিভক্তি (noun) (grammar) third or instrumental case-ending. তৃতীয় ব্যক্তি (noun) a third party; third person; a neutral person. তৃতীয়মূল (arithmetic) cube root. তৃতীয় মাত্রা (noun) third dimension.
  • Bengali Word তৃপ্তEnglish definition(adjective) satisfied; satiated; gratified; pleased; delighted. তৃপ্ত করা (verb transitive) satisfy; satiate; gratify; please. তৃপ্ত হওয়া (verb intransitive) be satisfied/ gratified/ satiated.
  • Bengali Word তৃপ্তিEnglish definition(noun) satisfaction; satiety; delight; gratification. তৃপ্তি লাভ/ তৃপ্তি বোধ করা (verb intransitive) feel satisfied; have satisfaction; be satiated. তৃপ্তিকর/তৃপ্তিদায়ক (adjective) giving satisfaction; pleasing; gratifying; satisfactory; delightful. তৃপ্তিপূর্বক (adverb) with satisfaction; contentedly.
  • Bengali Word তৃষা, তৃষ্ণাEnglish definition(noun) feeling caused by a desire or need to drink; the suffering caused by this desire; thirst. তৃষ্ণা পাওয়া (verb intransitive) be thirsty. তৃষ্ণা বোধ করা (verb intransitive) feel thirsty. তৃষ্ণা মেটানো (verb intransitive) allay or quench one's thirst. তৃষ্ণাতুর (adjective) thirsty; suffering from thirst.
  • Bengali Word তৃষিতEnglish definition= তৃষ্ণাতুর ( তৃষা)
  • Bengali Word তে ১English definition(adjective) (used as prefix) three; tri, triple: তেতালা, তেকাঠা. তেএঁটে (adjective) (of fruits) 1 three-stoned. 2 triple-veined; three-veined. 3 ugly-looking. 4 rougish; knavish. তেকাঁটা (noun) a kind of three-veined plant. তেকাঠা (noun) a triangular frame made of three pieces of wood. তেতলা, তেতালা১ (noun) 1 (of a building) the second floor. 2 (of a vessel) the third deck. (adjective) three-storeyed. three-decked. তেতালা ২ (noun) a mode of musical measure. তেপায়া (adjective) three legged. (noun) a tripod; a teapoy. তেমাথা (noun) a meeting-place/junction of three roads. তেমোহনা (noun) a junction of the mouths of three streams.
  • Bengali Word তে ২English definition(suffix) (used as prepositon): বাড়িতে, ঘড়িতে, আমার ঘড়িতে এখন ছ'টা বাজে, It is six by my watch now.
  • Bengali Word তেঁতুলEnglish definition(noun) the tamarind tree or its leguminous sour fruit. তেঁতুলে (adjective) 1 shaped like a pod of tamarind: তেঁতুলে বিছে. 2 as dark-coloured as a tamarind seed.
  • Bengali Word তেঁদড়English definition(adjective) obstinate; impertinent; disobedient; wicked; headstrong; brazen-faced; shameless. তেঁদড়ামি (noun) obstinacy; impertinence; disobedience. তেঁদড়ামি করা (verb intransitive) show impertinence; be obstinate/disobedient; behave shamelessly.
  • Bengali Word তেইশEnglish definition(noun), (adjective) three and twenty; twenty-three. তেইশে (noun) the twenty-third day of a month. (adjective) (of the days of a month) twenty-third.
  • Bengali Word তেউড়English definition(noun) a sapling from the root of a banana tree; a sucker.
  • Bengali Word তেওড়English definition(adjective) crooked; curved. তেওড়ানো (verb intransitive) be crooked/bent; lend; warp.
  • Bengali Word তেজ, তেজঃEnglish definition(noun) 1 light; lustre; glow; radiation. 2 strength; power; influence; might; force; energy; vigour; velour; prowess; spirit. 3 manliness; semen; virility. 4 haughtiness. insolence; pride; vanity; arrogance. তেজ করা (verb intransitive) show strength and spirit; be defiant; have a defiant look; display haughtiness; carry oneself with a lofty air. তেজ কমানো (verb transitive) humble one's position; humble somebody's pride; humiliate one. তেজ দেখানো (verb intransitive) show haughtiness; carry things with a high hand.
  • Bengali Word তেজইEnglish definition তেজা
  • Bengali Word তেজপত্রEnglish definition(noun) leaf of cassia tree; cassia-leaf.
  • Bengali Word তেজপুঞ্জ, তেজপুঞ্জ:English definition(adjective) spirited; lustrous; with an air of glory and power.