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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word তুমুলEnglish definition(adjective) 1 tumultuous; terrible; fierce: তুমুল যুদ্ধ. 2 grand; grandiose: তুমুলকাণ্ড. (noun) a tumultuous brawl; a noisy affair.
  • Bengali Word তুম্ব, তুম্বক, তুম্বিEnglish definition(noun) 1 gourd. 2 the hollow shell of a dry gourd. 3 a one-stringed musical instrument made of the hollow shell of a dry gourd.
  • Bengali Word তুরগ, তুরঙ্গEnglish definition(noun) the horse. তুরগী, তুরঙ্গমী (noun) the mare. তুরঙ্গী (noun) a horseman.
  • Bengali Word তুরন্তEnglish definition[Hindi] (adverb) quickly, swiftly; hastily.
  • Bengali Word তুরপুনEnglish definition[Urdu] (noun) a carpenter's drill; an auger; a gimlet; a fiddle-drill. তুরপানো (verb transitive) bore a hole; drill.
  • Bengali Word তুরিEnglish definition(noun) 1 a weaver's shuttle. 2 a horn sounded in war, etc; a bugle-horn.
  • Bengali Word তুরীয়English definition(noun) 1 spiritual trance. 2 the supreme Being. (adjective) fourth: তুরীয়বর্ণ (the fourth caste). তুরীয় অবস্থা (noun) a state of supreme bliss when one is in communion with the divine spirit; spiritual trance. তুরীয়ানন্দ (noun) 1 transcendental happiness found in the most engrossing state of spiritual trance. 2 (sarcastic) state of being beside oneself with joy.
  • Bengali Word তুরুকEnglish definition(adjective) immediate; prompt: তুরুক জবাব. (adverb) immediately; promptly; readily. তুরুক-সওয়ার (noun) a Turkish horseman/ cavalier.
  • Bengali Word তুরুপ, তুরুফEnglish definition(noun) 1 winning card; trump card; one of a suit for the time being superior to the others. 2 act of trumping at cards; a trump. তুরুপ করা (verb transitive) trump instead of following suit at cards; take with a trump card; trump; ruff.
  • Bengali Word তুর্ক, তুর্কিEnglish definition[T] (noun) 1 a native of Turkey; a Turk. 2 the Turks. 3 the Turkish language. তুর্ক নাচন (noun) 1 wild dance by turning round and round; a whirling dance. 2 (figurative) state of affairs putting one into great stress and strain.
  • Bengali Word তুলকEnglish definition(noun) (physics) a balancer.
  • Bengali Word তুলকালামEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) a noisy quarrel; tumultuous brawl; an uproar.
  • Bengali Word তুলটEnglish definition(adjective) made of cotton pulp: তুলট কাগজ, stained (yellow) paper.
  • Bengali Word তুলতুলEnglish definition(interjection) denoting over-softness. তুলতুল করা (verb transitive) feel flabby or very soft; yield to touch. তুলতুলে (adjective) soft and puffy; over-soft.
  • Bengali Word তুলনাEnglish definition(noun) 1 similarity; likeness; resemblance: তুলনা মেলে না. 2 a similar thing or person: সে সুন্দর মুখের তুলনা একমাত্র পূর্ণচন্দ্র. 3 act of comparing something with another; comparison. 4 an instance; an example. তুলনা করা (verb intransitive) compare; liken. তুলনায় (adverb) in comparison with; compared to (something). তুলনামূলক (adjective) comparative: তুলনামূলক সাহিত্য, comparative literature. তুলনাহীন (adjective) matchless, peerless incomparable.
  • Bengali Word তুলনীয়English definition(adjective) worth-comparing; comparable.
  • Bengali Word তুলসীEnglish definition(noun) a basil plant; its leaves.
  • Bengali Word তুলা ১English definition(noun) 1 a weighing machine; a pair of scales; a balance. 2 the seventh sign of the zodiac, ie the Libra: তুলা রাশি. 3 a measure of weight of gold and silver ( = 400 tola or 145 ounces). তুলাদণ্ড (noun) the beam of a balance; a pair of scales. তুলাদান (noun) gift of gold, silver or money equal to the weight of the donor. তুলাধারী (noun) 1 person trading in commodities that are sold by weights. 2 one who gives weights; a weighman. তুলামান (noun) a measure of weight; act of weighing in the balance. তুলাযন্ত্র (noun) a weighing machine.
  • Bengali Word তুলা ২, তুলোEnglish definition(noun) soft, white fibrous substance obtained from the pods of several plants and used for making thread, cloth, etc; cotton. তুলাধোনা করা (verb transitive), (verb intransitive) 1 shred cotton in a cotton-gin. 2 give a sound drubbing.
  • Bengali Word তুলা ৩English definition(verb transitive) (poet) compare with.
  • Bengali Word তুলা ৪English definition= তোলা
  • Bengali Word তুলি, তুলিকাEnglish definition(noun) brush for applying paint; a paint-brush.
  • Bengali Word তুলিতEnglish definition(adjective) that has been compared; weighed.
  • Bengali Word তুলোEnglish definition= তুলা ২
  • Bengali Word তুল্যEnglish definition(adjective) 1 having like parts and relations but not of the same magnitude; similar; comparable; identical. 2 (mathematics and physics) equivalent. তুল্য কৌণিক (adjective) consisting of or having equal angles; equiangular. তুল্য প্রতিযোগিতা (noun) a contest between equals; an evenly balanced contest. তুল্যবল (adjective) equal in strength; equally strong. তুল্যমান (adjective) of equal measure or weight. (noun) an equal measure or weight. তুল্যমূল্য (adjective) of equal value or worth; equivalent; at par. তুল্যরূপ (adjective) of the same class or kind; of the equal form; analogous. তুল্যরূপে (adverb) equally; as well as; no less than. তুল্যাকৃতি [তুল্য + আকৃতি] (adjective) similar in shape or form. (noun) similar appearance or shape. তুল্যাঙ্ক [তুল্য + অঙ্ক] (adjective) equivalent. তুল্যতা (noun) comparability; similarity; likeness; identity.
  • Bengali Word তুষEnglish definition(noun) husk of grains; chaff; bran. তুষ ঝাড়া (verb intransitive) winnow the husk; separate the husk from grain.
  • Bengali Word তুষানলEnglish definition(noun) 1 fire of husk or chaff that burns and smokes without flame and is not easily extinguished; smouldering fire. 2 heart-rending affliction that exists for long in a suppressed state like a smouldering fire.
  • Bengali Word তুষারEnglish definition(noun) 1 snow; ice; frost: তুষারপাত. (adjective) cold as ice; ice-cold. তুষার পড়া (verb intransitive)(of show) come down from the sky; snow. তুষার কণা (noun) particle of snow, icicle; hoarfrost. তুষারকর (noun) the moon. তুষারকাল (noun) the winter season. তুষারগিরি, তুষারাদ্রি (noun) the Himalayas. তুষার ঝটিকা (noun) snow-storm; blizzard. তুষারধবল (adjective) white as snow; snow-white. তুষারপাত (noun) snow-fall; frost. তুষারপিণ্ড (noun) conglomerated mass of snow; a snow-ball or snow-flake. তুষারবর্ষ (noun) hail or snow mingled with rain; sleet. তুষারভূমি (noun) snow-field.
  • Bengali Word তুষ্টEnglish definition(adjective) contented; satisfied; gratified; appeased; propitiated. তুষ্ট করা (verb transitive) appease; satisfy (one); propitiate; gratify.
  • Bengali Word তুষ্টিEnglish definition(noun) gratification; satisfaction; contentment; pleasure; satiety; appeasement; propitiation. তুষ্টিকর, তুষ্টিজনক (adjective) gratifying; pleasing; satisfactory; appeasing. তুষ্টিবিধান, তুষ্টিসাধন (noun) act of gratifying/satisfying/ pleasing/ propitiating. তুষ্টিসাধন/ তুষ্টি বিধান করা (verb transitive) gratify; satisfy; appease; propitiate; please.