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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word -চারিণীEnglish definitionobserving; practising: ব্রহ্মচারী, মিথ্যাচারী চারিণী (feminine) =-চারিণী.
  • Bengali Word English definition(noun) the sixth consonant of the Bengali alphabet. It is pronounced as a dorso-alveolar, plato-alveolar voiceless unaspirated plosive sound. Dhaka-Kuttis pronounce it as affricate sound and in some dialects also it is pronounced as affricate sound.
  • Bengali Word চই, চৈEnglish definition[চবিকা] (noun) kind of creeper with pungent root; piper chaba.
  • Bengali Word চই-চইEnglish definition(interjection) on sound used for calling ducks.
  • Bengali Word চওড়াEnglish definition(adjective) broad; wide. (noun) breadth; width: চওড়ায় একফুট.
  • Bengali Word চক চকEnglish definition(interjection) 1 suggesting the sound of licking water. 2 expressive of brightness, glaze, lustre, etc. চক চক করা (verb transitive) shine; glitter, sparkle. চক চক করলেই সোনা হয় না (prov) All that glitters is not gold. চকচকে (adjective) bright; lustrous; shining; glittering.
  • Bengali Word চক ১English definition[English] (noun) soft, white, natural substance used for making lime and various writing materials; chalk: চক পেন্সিল.
  • Bengali Word চক ২English definition(noun) broad open space of the shape of a square or rectangle. 2 a meeting place of streets in a city; a market place in a village: চক বাজার, চাঁদনি চক. 3 a square space surrounded by buildings. চক বন্দি, চক বন্দী (noun) the settlement of boundary of plots of land. চক মিলান (noun) line of buildings round a square: চক-মিলান বাড়ি.
  • Bengali Word চকমকিEnglish definition[Turkish] (noun) fine-textured grey stone that makes small flashes of flame when struck with steel or another piece of stone, used in ancient times for striking fire; a flint. চকমকি ঠোকা (verb intransitive) 1 strike fire with the help of flints. 2 (figurative) try to incite a quarrel. চকমকি বাক্স (noun) 1 a box containing flint-stones and finder (anything highly combustible) for producing a flame. 2 (figurative) a very dangerous and uncontrollable state of affairs; a tinder-box.
  • Bengali Word চকিতEnglish definition(adjective) 1 taken aback; quickly surprised; startled.2 timid; bashful: চকিত চাহনি. (noun) an instant; a moment (চকিতের মধ্যে). চকিতে (adverb) in an instant; in a moment. চকিত নয়না (adjective) (feminine) timid-eyed; timorous looking. চকিত নয়নে (adverb) with startled eyes/timorous look.
  • Bengali Word চকোরEnglish definition(noun) kind of bird celebrated in poetry as longing for and highly enjoying moonbeam. (feminine) চকোরী = চকোর
  • Bengali Word চক্কর, চক্কোরEnglish definition(noun) 1 anything wheel-shaped or circular. 2 anything in the state of circling/rotating. 3 a place or a path in the shape of a circle. 4 act of rotating or circling. 5 dizziness; giddiness: মাথা চক্কর দেওয়া. 6 a circular mark (as on the hood of a snake). চক্কর দেওয়া (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) 1 go round; move in a circle; circle. 2 go on an outing.
  • Bengali Word চক্রEnglish definition(noun) 1 circular frame turning on an axis; a wheel (চক্রযান, রথচক্র). 2 a place, a passage or anything in the shape of a wheel or ring: দৌড়ের চক্র. 3 (figurative) anything that recurs in a cycle: কালচক্র, cycle of time; কালের চক্রে একুশ আবার ফিরে এলো, ekush is again at our doors in the cycle of time. 4 horizontal revolving disc on which a potter shapes his wares; the potter’s wheel. 5 the diagram of the zodiac. used in astrology (রাশিচক্র). 6 array of troops in battle in a circular form (as of ancient times) (চক্র ব্যূহ). 7 a group of people sitting together; a get-together (eg. for tea) : চা চক্র, a tea party. 8 the hood (or the circular mark on the hood) of a snake. 9 a secret plot or machination of people planning to commit an illegal act; an intrigue; a conspiracy : দশ চক্রে ভগবান ভূত (prov) (story goes that ten people conspired against a Brahmin named Bhagwan and successfully established in the Brahmin’s own lifetime that he was not a living being but only a bogey or goblin, thus giving currency to the proverb which means) A widespread conspiracy may be of grave consequences. 10 an extensive kingdom; an empire . চক্রবর্তী, the sovereign of a great kingdom; an emperor. আবর্তচক্র (noun) state of affairs in which cause and effect follow each other until the process results in the first position and the whole process starts again, eg., poverty leads to crime, which leads to prison, which results in unemployment, which again leads to crime; a vicious circle. চক্রগতি (noun) cyclic motion; rotation; revolution. চক্রধর (noun) 1 a ruler; a king; 2 the snake. 3 an appellation of Hindu god Vishnu. চক্রনাভি (noun) the navel or hub at the centre of a wheel in which the spokes are set. চক্রনেমি (noun) the circumference or rim of a wheel. চক্রপাণি (noun) appellation of Vishnu, the Hindu god. চক্রবর্তী (noun) 1  চক্র (10). 2 family title of certain Bengali Brahmins. চক্রবাক (noun) the male bird of a species of wild duck (colloquial চখা) চক্রবাকী (feminine) = চক্র. চক্রবাত (noun) a whirlwind; a cyclone. চক্রবাল (noun) the line at which earth and sky seem to meet; the horizon. চক্রবৃদ্ধি (noun) (of interest on loan) interest on capital and on accumulated interest; compound interest. চক্রযান (noun) vehicle that moves on wheels; a wheeled carriage. চক্রবৎ (adjective) wheel-shaped; circular. (adverb) in a circular motion; like a wheel. পাকচক্রে, পাকেচক্রে (adverb) by the irony of circumstances; as the circumstances have it.
  • Bengali Word চক্রাকারEnglish definition(adjective) wheel-shaped; circular.
  • Bengali Word চক্রান্তEnglish definition(noun) = চক্র (9). চক্রান্ত করা (verb intransitive) conspire; intrigue. চক্রান্তকারী (adjective) conspiring; intriguing. (noun) a conspirator.
  • Bengali Word চক্রাবর্তEnglish definition[চক্র + আবর্ত] (noun) 1 act of turning round about an axis. 2 the regular coming round of things or events in succession. 3 a whirlwind.
  • Bengali Word চক্রিকাEnglish definition(noun) 1 the small heart-shaped bone situated at the fore-part of the knee-joint; the knee-pan. 2 the knee.
  • Bengali Word চক্রীEnglish definition(adjective) 1 full of cunning, trickery; crafty; conspiring; crooked. 2 equipped with a circular missile. (noun) 1 an appellation of Vishnu. 2 the snake.
  • Bengali Word চক্ষEnglish definition(noun) = চক্ষু. চক্ষের পুতলি (noun) 1 the pupil of the eye. 2 (figurative) one who is very dear to one’s heart.
  • Bengali Word চক্ষুEnglish definition[চক্ষুঃ] (noun) 1 the organ of vision; the eye; 2 the sight of the eye; the power of vision : তার চক্ষু খারাপ, his eyesight is weak. 3 insight or sight into (something) (দিব্যচক্ষু, জ্ঞান চক্ষু), চক্ষু কর্ণের বিবাদ ভঞ্জন করা dispel any doubt that may have been felt about what has been heard by physical verification. চক্ষুক্ষত (noun) a wound or sore in the eye; eyesore. চক্ষু খাওয়া (verb intransitive) (figurative) fail to see what one ought to see; fail to choose the right. thing. চক্ষুগোচর (adjective) perceptible by the eye; within sight; visible. চক্ষু চড়কগাছ হওয়া be struck with amazement; be extremely astounded. চক্ষু ছানাবড়া হওয়া look with eyes widened in bewilderment. চক্ষুদান 1 act of restoring someone’s eyesight. 2 act of donating one’s eyes on death by a will for the benefit of the sightless. 3 act of educating a person or giving him knowledge/ wisdom. চক্ষূরঞ্জন (also চক্ষু রঞ্জন) (adjective) pleasing to the sight; pleasant to see. চক্ষূরোগ (also চক্ষু রোগ) (noun) inflammation of the eye; eye-disease. চক্ষুলজ্জা (noun) feeling of delicacy in doing something that appears unseemly to the eye. চক্ষুলোম (noun) the line of hair that edges the eyelid; eyelashes. চক্ষুশূল (adjective) that which causes repugnance/annoyance. চক্ষুষ্মান (adjective) 1 possessing the power of vision/eyesight. 2 capable of perceiving the truth/the inner truth of something; possessing insight. চক্ষুষ্মতী (feminine) = চক্ষু. চক্ষুস্থির (noun) a state of being in a bewilderment.
  • Bengali Word চট ১English definition(interjection) denoting quickness or promptness: চট করে এসো.
  • Bengali Word চট ২English definition(noun) coarse cloth made of jute; hessian; gunny. চটের থলি (noun) a gunny bag.
  • Bengali Word চটক ১English definition(noun) a small brownish-grey bird; the sparrow.
  • Bengali Word চটক ২English definition(noun) a fascinating/glamorous show. চটকদার (adjective) having a spectacular appearance; glamorous; attractive.
  • Bengali Word চটকানোEnglish definition(verb transitive) press and squeeze some soft thing with the hands to make a paste of it.
  • Bengali Word চটচটEnglish definition(interjection) suggesting something sticky or viscid. চটচটে (adjective) that which sticks to anything that touches it; sticky.
  • Bengali Word চটপটEnglish definition(adverb) in a quick manner; quickly; promptly: চটপট কাজ শেষ করো. চটপটে (adjective) full of quick movement.
  • Bengali Word চটা ১English definition(verb intransitive) be irritated/ annoyed; get angry. চটাচটি (noun) angry exchange of words; quarrel. চটানো (verb transitive) excite the temper of; make angry; irritate. রগচটা (adjective) easily annoyed or made angry; tending to get angry at small things; irritable.
  • Bengali Word চটা ২English definition(verb intransitive) break into chinks; crack; split.
  • Bengali Word চটা ৩English definition(noun) thin slip of bamboo used for making mat, etc.