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  • Bengali Word সই ৩English definition(adjective) capable of hitting the mark; possessing marksmanship.

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  • Bengali Word সই ১English definition (noun) (feminine) (colloquial) = সখী
  • Bengali Word সই ২English definition [Arabic] (noun) signature; impression/ mark given as a substitute for signature: টিপ সই.
    সই করা/ দেওয়া (verb intransitive) sign; put one’s signature; put an impression/ mark as a substitute for signature. তাই সই let it be.
  • Bengali Word সই ৪English definition (adjective) just (enough); right.
    সই-সই (adjective), (adverb) not more not less; just enough.
  • Bengali Word সই ৬English definition suffix laid: মাটিসই, জলসই
  • Bengali Word তাই ৩English definition (noun) a striking of hands with joy or in applause; clap; clapping: তাই তাই তাই, মামা বাড়ি যাই.
    তাই দেওয়া (verb intransitive) clap.
  • Bengali Word নাই ৩English definition (noun) (colloquial of লাই) indulgence; pampering.
    নাই দেওয়া (verb intransitive) indulge; pamper; treat with too much indulgence; spoil. কুকুর নাই পেলে মাথায় চড়ে (figurative) A saucy scamp scandalizes his patron.
  • Bengali Word লাই ৩English definition = লেই